Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cellgroup Christmas Gathering 2014 (21st Dec 2014)

Had a Christmas gathering with my cellgroup and the theme of it is I be back for Christmas (IBCFC), my cellgroup leader has also invited some of her friends over for the gathering.

Picture taken from whatapps group chat as the picture was taken by someone else, mine turn out blur.  They are using it to narrate the story of  Jesus Christ.

While playing games

Sharing time by my cellgroup leader, we have two cellgroup leader, a male and a female cellgroup leader.

Foods that is served, i didn't take individual as nobody is taking picture of the foods and i feel paiseh if i were to take pictures of it.

Chengteng as prepared by my cellgroup leader

A group picture (Photo credit to my male cellgroup leader)

Everyone was given a present by my female cellgroup leader, and everyone was mentioning that the present was nicely wrap, she mention that she just buy the items and then pass it to a friend who is good at wrapping gifts and the friend wrap up all the present.

I could not not bear to throw away the wrapping paper, so i cut open the bottom of the wrapping paper and took out the gifts and will keep the nice nice wrapping paper.


  1. The cell group looks fun, with good people, good friends, good food, got gift exchange somemore.. Nice !!

  2. wow!! nice gathering nice people nice food nice presents!! wishing you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!! :)

  3. Looks like you all had a lot of fun and nice food to eat!

  4. Good morning Sharon
    What a wonderful gathering...and food.
    Sometimes, I also like to save the nice wrapping papers
    Happy New Year to you and family

  5. Princess Ribbon

    Quite enjoyable...


    Happy New Year to you too...

    Phong Hong

    Quite enjoyable...


    Good morning...

    It's nicely wrapped, so can't bear to throw it away...

    Happy New Year to you and your family...

  6. Thats nice! It;s been a while since I last join a cell group due to location issues.

  7. Everyone look happy!!

    Wishing you and family a happy new year!

  8. A wonderful way for Christmas gathering. Nice cell group, looks so homely and comfortable. Wishing you A Happy New Year 2015.

  9. Chris

    Hope you able to join a cell this year :)


    Happy New Year to you and you family... :)


    Thanks Lina... :)


    Happy New Year to you and your family... :)


    Happy New Year to you and your family... :)


    Happy New Year to you and your family... :)


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