Monday, October 13, 2014


I first tried this was last year, that time after eating it, i did not crave for it.  Recently my friend ordered a bowl and i took a bit of it and i have been seeing one of my primary school posting in FB he seem to be eating it every weekend, makes me crave for it.  So ordered a bowl of it.  And this bowl cost me $9.35 with a bowl of rice.  A bowl of rice cost $0.80.  Has choose the medium level of spicy.  Have wanted to take picture of the stall, but at that time, there's few customers there choosing the foods, so no chance to take picture of the stall.  


  1. What on earth is that? Looks pretty good though. Wow!!!! Over SIN$10 with rice - almost RM30!!! *faints*

  2. Dont understand Chinese, dont know wat is it leh.. No gravy? If I eat something with rice must have gravy one.. But looks ok, looks like vegetarian dish with peanuts and mushroom..

  3. Er? I never seen or had this before. It looks dry. Just eat like that with white rice? No gravy or soup??

    Haha! I am the 3rd banana here after STP and Princess who cant read Chinese. Can speak but not read well. Only study Chinese in kinddy.

  4. What is that? I can't read Chinese.

  5. hmm if it's 麻辣 then I definitely won't go for it.. though that bowl of dish looks good, but I better take care not to upset my stomach, hehe!! :p

  6. Good morning Sharon,
    Is it something spicy ...sichuan pepper? Looks like vegetarian.

  7. one bowl got everything wor. Not bad. Ohh you can take spicy things ya. Good leh

  8. I tried this once also... hehee, my first experience is about SGD7++ (as i take more vege than meat) and it turned out to be quite a big bowl.overall, although it's a bit pricey but it's quite good!

  9. Looks like A balanced meal to me.. and a pricey one too.. will you go again next time, Sharon? :) Try doing that yourself at home..

  10. Suituapui

    Some sort of like the chinese yong tau foo, ya, not cheap...

    Princess Ribbon

    Nope, no gravy, not a vegetarian dish...


    Yes, eat like this with white rice, nope, no gravy or soup...

    Same goes with me, if you ask me to speak malay, i can only speak very simple one and i can't read it as i do not study melayu in school...

    Phong Hong

    It's something like the chinese yong tau foo when you choose the stuffs you want from the shelf...


    Me can't take too spicy so mine is only medium...


    Ya, not cheap...


    Good evening...

    Can choose the level of spicy, mine is medium... Nope, chilli form, not vegetarian...


    Some sort of like the chinese yong tau foo where you choose the stuffs you want from the shelf...

    Small Kucing

    Not too spicy, too spicy, can't take...


    hehe... Ya lor, turn out the bowl very big, hehe... I agree that it's good, hehe...


    Unless i crave for it, hehe... Should be cheaper if i do myself at home...


    Yup, hehe...


    Not bad...

  11. Ken

    Got luncheon meat, meat ball, mushrooms, etc...


    Yes, it is...


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