Monday, October 20, 2014

Prawns/Fried Rice

After trying out Phong Hong Sweet & Sour Sticky Ribs, i have grown to loves it, this round, i try out with prawns.

Saw different types of prawns at the Market the other time i was at the Market in Little India.  Was asking the fishmonger what type of prawns is this, he mention that it's Glass Prawns and this prawns can be use for steaming too.  $24/kg.  Bought 1/2 kg, 16 prawns.  Used 8 prawns.

As my plate was a small one, so only 5 prawns in the plate.

Below are the Ribs, Mid-Wings and Fish i did the other time:

My Sweet & Sour Sticky Ribs & Fish

My Sweet & Sour Sticky Mid-Wings

My horrible looking fried fish with tofu fish cake, luncheon meat, instead of cutting into cube the carrot, i shredded it & egg.


  1. your prawns look definitely good, the color also very tempting.. hehe, small portion okay lah, like fine dining.. :p

  2. The prawns look si fresh and delicious! I don't know how to cook prawns til today, I only know those simple ones like stir-frying with vegetables with garlic..
    Oohh your fried rice looks ok too, lots of "liew", nothing can go wrong with fried rice la, even if it's just egg and luncheon meat, and yours got so much "liew", fishcake, tofu, etc, looks good..

  3. wow!the prawn really attract me!!!so nice~

  4. How come my comment got capital and small letters all mixed up geh? The first sentence also mixed up wor.. Looks funny, hehehe..

  5. Waaaa...I drooling liao la

  6. Your prawns look so good! I must try :)

  7. Looks good leh? I would just throw the prawns into the fried rice - all-in-one, easier. Me, so lazy one. Will make the fried rice nicer too.

  8. SK

    I was addicted to Phong Hong recipe, so use prawns to make it, hehe...

    Princess Ribbon

    Only that i didn't do it right away after buying and bring home...

    Mine is find anything in the fridge, hamtam with it, hehe...


    I was attracted to it too when saw in the market, hehe...

    Princess Ribbon

    Maybe your boss behind you, u quick quick type it, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    Come, come Singapore, keke...

    Phong Hong

    I was thinking that i have not use prawns, so this round, use prawns, hehe...


    It's yummy...


    Me wanna try the recipe in Phong Hong recipe, so didn't think of throwing it into the fried rice...

  9. 虾看起来很鲜甜!你的炒饭让我很想吃哩!

  10. I thought that refers to one dish but it turns out to be two separate dishes LOL

  11. want want want! want to eat those prawns! :D

  12. The prawns caught my eyes..Want that so badly. Looking fresh and delicious.

  13. horrible ka? No leh...looks ok what. I love the look of the prawn and eat with fried rice and cili padi...fuiyo...sure best giler

  14. Good morning Sharon,
    Doesn't look horrible to me.... it look homecooked and sure taste delicious!

  15. They look great to me! Yummy!

  16. That prawns are looking good. I could lick them!

    What do you mean your fried rice looked horrible. Look is not important. It is the taste.

  17. Momoco

    First time buy this type of prawns if i didn't remember wrongly, hehe...

    The fried rice anyhow cooked, hehe...


    Ya, two separate dishes, hehe...


    Come, come, help yourself...



    Yee Ling

    Was tempted to do as i have not tried the sweet & sour sticky recipe with prawns, hehe...


    Thanks!!! Thanks!!!

    Small Kucing

    The fried rice not presentable, hehe...


    Good afternoon...

    Thanks for the compliment... :)


    Thanks for the compliment... :)


    I even lick the shell, hehe...

    Thanks for the compliment... :)

  18. This is the first time I have heard of glass prawns. They didn't look transparent to me.

  19. You are getting smarter inside the kitchen! Now you can cook and bake so many things! Your mother in law will be happiest when you serve tea to her!!! LOL

  20. Twilight Man

    For me, prawns is prawns, i do not know the name of the type of prawns, unless i ask the fish monger, or in supermarket, they will state the name of the prawns...

    Mine has no presentation, hehe...


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