Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thank You

Thanks to the following people :

Thank to Wenn for the Christmas card and the lovely gifts

Thanks to 小影 for the handmade Christmas card

Thanks to Ching for the Christmas present

Thanks to SK for the cute Christmas card

Thanks to Twilight Man for the postcard from Chengdu

Thanks to Hayley for the card

Thanks to Angeline for the gifts

When Angeline whatsapp me on 23rd Dec 2013 that she have send out the parcel, i'm on the lookout as i wanna take note on how long it takes to reach.  When i didn't receive it on Monday (6th Jan 2014), i whatsapp Angeline that i'm worried about it as it's already two weeks (was worried that it might be lost in the mail).  Thank God i receive it yesterday (7th Jan 2014).

A question to ask, i am curious about the postage rate in Malaysia, how do they go about charging the rates for the postage as i saw that SK sent, it's RM1.20, Hayley sent, it's RM1.10, and 小影 sent, it's RM3.60, so much difference?


  1. Wahhhhhh!!!! Getting so many things! I haven't received TM's postcard...or maybe he did not send me one. :(

  2. good morning Sharon

    wow, you have got so many presents from fellow blogger friends huh?? how nice..

    errr, i just bought the stamp from the machine after checking the rate from the website.. i guess Hayley and 小影 went to weigh and pay over the counter??

    good morning everyone

    have a great day ahead!!

    1. Yah, cause I don't know how much, and I don’t want to pay less and it won't reach at the end!!! =]

  3. coz from different state mah hencde the postage different and depending on weight too

  4. Good morning Sharon,
    May I have your address too?

  5. Based on weight.

    So nice gifts xmas card and postcard!!

    Hey you havent email me your address. I also have something to mail to you. ;)

  6. Good Afternoon Sharon.

    It is soooooooooooo HOT here until I have headache now.

  7. You are so popular!!! Look at all the cards, gifts and kind thoughts!!! You must be the most popular gal in Singapore today!

  8. Happy Wednesday!

    Don't forget to buy Da ma Cai, Magnum 4D and Sports TOTO. You are lucky gal mah.

  9. Hmm, actually I don't know what's the charging rate also, what I sent you is like what SK said, weigh and pay at the counter.. Normal postage.

    Anyway, glad that you've received it!

  10. the difference is whether it's registered or normal post. Normal post costs cheaper but it might take days to reach. Registered post could take more or less the same but guaranteed reached. Nowmal post is unsafe as it might get lost especially is it's something precious. I had lost a mail to Holland and another to Philippines. Cos I sent by normal post.

  11. Wow, such a nice batch of gifts! :-D
    Happy New Year to you too!;-D

  12. So nice of your blogger friends to send you so many gifts.

  13. That's so nice to see those lovely gifts delivered to our doorsteps.

  14. you must be well-loved to receive so many gifts!! :D

  15. It depends with the weight of the mails.

  16. many pressies.. nice.. nice...

  17. 我也谢谢你送的圣诞卡哟!:)


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