Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lunch @ Bukit Timah Food Centre (4th Jan 2014)

I was back at Bukit Timah Food Centre last Sat for lunch as i'm craving for Prawn Mee.

Patron my friend stall, she and her hubby set up a stall at Bukit Timah Food Centre, selling Prawns Mee, Lor Mee, Fried Kway Teow, etc.

Prawn Kway Teow Mee at  S$3.50, usually i will opt out beansprouts if i eat with kway teow, mee etc as i prefer to eat beansprouts on it's own.

The chilli sauce is fried either by her or her hubby

Next to her stall is a stall selling fish soup, which i find not bad also, S$4.00.

There's this coffee stall which has Q, guess the coffee at this stall is better than other stall, so bought coffee from this stall.

Kopi at S$0.90

Beancurd with tang yuan S$2.00


  1. Your friend and her husband must be very good cooks to open a noodle stall. Nice of you to patron their stall.

  2. I've been in beautiful Australia for the last 10 days eating wonderfully delicious food - but a good plate of prawn mee would a yummy change.

  3. My kind of place. I'd go for these hawker delights anytime. Nicer and a lot cheaper than the fancy, classy and expensive places, that's for sure.

  4. Beancurd with tang yuan look special, never taste before ^^

  5. good morning Sharon

    wow, prawn mee!! i always go for beehoon mee for prawn mee..

    the fish soup and beancurd with tang yuan looked very delicious too!!

    good morning everyone

    have a great day ahead :)

  6. Mun

    Her husband used to work as a chef, now no more, so open a stall...

    The Yum List

    Oh yes...


    I prefer hawker than in food court although no air con in hawker, but the foods is cheaper and nicer...


    Saw some stalls in other places, they also sell this way...


    Good morning...

    Quite a no. of stalls there selling nice and yummy foods....

    You too have a great day ahead...

  7. Good morning Sharon... coffee so cheap!

  8. Good Morning Sharon!

    It is sunny today!

  9. The food from rich Bukit Timah again. So expensive la compared to ours.

  10. Hope I can try that too in Bukit Timah one day.. :)

  11. That prawn mee looks yum yum! I want something spicy now! haha xD

  12. Beancurd with tang yuan. That something new to me.

    That bowl of prawn noodle sure looks delicious!!

    Sharon, could you email me at roliew@yahoo.com your mailing address please

  13. Elaine

    Good evening...

    Twilight Man

    Good evening...

    The price is better than eat in food court in air con shoppping mall, kaka...

    U too have a good day... :)


    U have to come Singapore first, hehe...


    The prawn mee not bad... :)


    The uncle selling the beancurd with tang yuan also quite friendly... :)

    The prawn mee is nice... :)

  14. Prawn Kway Teow Mee always came to my first choice if the taste wasn't that bad!!! =]


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