Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kueh Chap

Suituapui blog about the Kueh Chap he had, and also Grace blog about the Kueh Chap she had, saw that the Kueh Chap in Malaysia and Singapore, they serve differently, over here, the chap and the ingredients are serve separately whereby the Kueh Chap i saw in Suituapui and Grace blog, the chap and the ingredients are serve together.



Chilli Sauce

S$3.50 for this Kueh Chap @ West Coast Hawker Centre.


  1. Do you like it, Sharon? I have yet to enjoy eating that yet... but then it is cheap in Sg if don't convert... :)

  2. hello Sharon..

    the 1st time i ever had this kueh chap was a few years ago in JB, my friend brought me to try that..

    but i only eat the kueh and the egg, all those chap i don't fancy because they are all kinds of organs right??

    wishing you a great week ahead!!

  3. Looks really good. $3.50 only? Waiyor!!!!! So so so so cheap!!!

  4. I like to eat Kueh Chap the flat sheets of noodles and the egg but not the pork parts but difficult to find Kueh Chap in KL.

  5. Claire

    Yes, i like it... Yes, it's cheap if don't convert...


    Good Morning...

    Yes, all kinds of organs... Only that i don't eat 猪皮 and 三辰肉, so if i eat, i will tell them i don't want that...

    You too have a great week ahead...


    Depends on places, some place nice and some places so so...


    I likes the intestines... But not 猪皮 and 三辰肉...

    Over here, most places got sell...

  6. i c..Singapore Kueh Chap look like this.
    Seem like similar but both ingredient serve differently, I am wondering abt the taste, must try out if I go Singapore.^^

  7. Good morning Sharon,
    I tasted this kueh chap-in Sungai Petani.. their version with roasted duck meat... yummy!

  8. I like both kueh chap in malaysia and singapore~~ however, i only manage to find kueh chap once in ALor Setar, my husband hometown@northen part of malaysia. I guess because it's near to thailand and it's actually more to thai style.
    I will be going back for CNY soon, drop by to wish you and your family a happy chinese new year! Huatt ahh!

  9. Grace

    Do try out when you're in SG ya...


    Good afternoon...

    Over here, some of the stall here that sell kueh chap sell braise duck...

    Yu Yu

    Have not tried Malaysia Kueh Chap...

    Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family...

  10. First time heard something like this duh...the "kueh" is that mean "chicken"?

  11. 小影

    Nope, not chicken...

    Here, we call it Kway Chap, but i saw STP there, they call it Kueh Chap...

  12. Hello Sharon.

    I love Kueh Chiap. Yummy!


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