Monday, January 6, 2014

Dinner @ Bt Timah Food Centre (2nd Jan 2014)

Friend and i was at Bukit Timah Food Centre wanting to eat our favourite stingray from the stall that we usually patron, but the stall was not open, and we were discussing what to eat when we saw another stall selling stingray so we decided to give it a try.

We order a small stingray, S$10, in which we find that it's quite dry

Mixed Vegetable, S$8, in which we find quite expensive

White Rice, S$0.50 - Usually we will order Fried Rice, but as we're going McDonald for another round as my friend collecting the Happy Meal toy, so we ordered white rice.

The lady gave us one of us to share in which i find not enough so ask for another one.

The total came up to S$19 in which we find ex. as the other stall which we usually patron is around this price and usually we will order the same item which is stingray, mixed vegetable and fried rice.

Second round at McDonald, friend collecting Happy Meal toy


  1. Wahhh!!! Just makan and went to McD again?

  2. good morning Sharon

    wow, the food looks good but then quite expensive huh??

    so gotta balance your emotions by some nice and cheap McD and Happy Meal toys?? hehe..

    good morning everyone

    have a good day and a great week ahead~~ :)

  3. suituapui

    hahaha... Ya lor, McD, friend wanna collect the Happy Meal toy mah, hehehe...


    Good morning...

    Still prefer the other stall, as no try, won't know how this stall, the foods taste... hehe...

    hehe... And that's the first fast food meal of 2014, hehe....

    U too have a good day and great week ahead... :)

  4. Hmm...color look so pale leh the stingray...suppose to be grilled fish right?

  5. Hello Sharon, I like to eat stingray too but sometimes scared to eat it because sometimes there is a strong amnonia taste to it. the one you ate taste very nice?

  6. The always reason to buy happy meal because of the toys, hehe!!! =]

  7. I love grilled sting ray with super spicy abd yummy sambal.

  8. Good Morning Sharon!

    It is Sunny and Happy day today!

  9. Bukit Timah is very rich people's area and sure the food is expensive!

  10. Good afternoon Sharon!

    Long time never eat BBQ stingray already, miss it!

  11. Small Kucing

    I'm using my hp to take the pictures, hehe...


    This stall so so only, prefer the other stall that i used to patron...


    Ya lor, hehe...


    Same same, hi 5... :)

    Twilight Man

    Good evening...

    Rainy day in SG...

    Ya, rich people area, hehe...

    You too have a good day... :)


    Good evening...

    Before that i also quite sometimes didn't eat it, hehe...

  12. 还是McD又便宜又好吃吧?呵呵~


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