Monday, January 20, 2014

Lor Mee @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre

Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre reopen after 10 months of upgrading.  Was there to check out my favourite Lor Mee stall. 

This is my favourite Lor Mee Stall

$4 Lor Kway Teow Mee. My breakfast cum lunch on a Sat and it last me till dinner.


  1. i like lor mee+bihun....hahaha ...yummy~~

  2. Wow, there is still reasonably priced food in Singapore. It seems it's hard to even find a drink for that price these days.

  3. Good morning Sharon,
    Thanks for sharing those lovely photos of Chinatown...

  4. When I see the word lor mee, I have to read on !! Haha..

    My favourite and I can't live without lor mee.. Nowadays, it's very hard to find authentic Penang lor mee, which is dark in colour with some garlic and belacan on top of the lor mee..

    Usually here, if I order lor mee, it would be the "tai look mein" in corn-starch soup, you know, those "wat tan" clear thick soup.. Very seldom can find the real lor mee kinda gravy :(

  5. good morning sharon

    upgrading for 10 months, but the stalls still look quite old?? haha..

    anyway, we call this "lam mee" over here because our "lor mee" is different from what's in the photo..

    good morning everyone!!

    have a good day and a great week ahead.. :)

  6. 孤傲的王子

    Mee+bihun, i also like, hehe...

    The Yum List

    Depend on place in SG, Hawker Centre is cheaper whereby in food court where there is air con, the price will be higher...


    Good afternoon...

    U're welcome...


    Lor Mee is one of my favourite foods...


    Good afternoon...


    Oh ic... Didn't know that over there, it's call "lam mee"...

    Have a great day and week ahead...


    I always like to put vinegar into it, so sourish, keke....

  7. Hello Sharon, in penang lor mee has dark soup but in kl lam mee is like that. In kl lor mee like louizyee says is tai lok mein in thick egg gravy soup. I only like the lor mee my mother cooked for me when I was a child.

  8. Wow, not bad, $4 brunch can last for so long duh!!! =]

  9. Mun

    Thanks for sharing about the different lor mee in Penang and KL... :)


    Quite filling after eating that bowl, hehe...

  10. Not a fan of lor mee. The stall sell prawn noodles ka? Here usually if the stall sell lor mee they also sell prawb noodles coz ingredients same. Only gravy n broth different

  11. Small Kucing

    Nope, this stall sell only lor mee...

  12. Wow, so hungry now, long time never have lor mee already!


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