Sunday, June 4, 2017

Johor Bahru (27th May)

Wenn WhatsApp me one month ago that she will be in JB and ask if we could meet up.  Of course, I was delighted.   But told her, I only familiar with City Square or Aeon Bukit Indah.  We set on City Square.  The last time I metup with her was in the airport while she was transiting.  As the transit time was less than 6 hours, she was not allow to come out.  We only meet through the glass window.  This round, we met in person.  I was telling Wenn, too bad my mum legs problem, if not, will bring my mum along to meetup with her and her mum and also broader crossing, inconvenient for my mum too.

I left my house early, as I do not want to be late and also I do not know if it's crowded at Immigration.  Singapore Immigration was smooth, but at Malaysia Immigration, it took me 40 minutes to clear Malaysia Immigration.

As I was early, I thought I will go have a cup of coffee first.  Went to Nyonya Leaf at Komtar JBCC.

Ordered a cup of Ipoh White Coffee @ RM3.50.

Three Season @ RM1.20, with the GST and service charge, total is RM5.20.

Since I still have time, I went to walk a while before proceed to the meeting place to wait for her.

As earlier on, she already had lunch with her Sister, we had Ice Cream and chit chat.

After depart with Wenn, at first I thought go back Singapore then take my dinner.  But since I was at City Square, might as well settle there before go back Singapore.  Had chicken wing , fish cutlet with spaghetti at Robin's Chicken.  It comes with a bit of fries, but the fries was cold.  The set cost RM10.30.

Ice Lemon Tea RM 3.30.  After GST and service charge, total is RM14.40.

After that, proceed back to Singapore.


  1. 白咖啡我也有好一陣子沒喝了。這個周末要找來喝才行:)

    1. There is a coffeeshop in Jurong West that sells Ipoh White Coffee, but due to some reasons, the coffeeshop now still not open yet...

  2. I love nyonya!

  3. Nice to meet up with Wenn.

    BR ice cream! I want one too. ^^

    1. Yes, a nice meetup...

      BR Ice Cream is nice ya, hehe...

  4. Wenn is always so thoughtful to find time to meet up with bloggers even when she has to cram all her appointments! When there is a will, there is a way!

    I always find the Singapore immigration & customs is often jammed & crowded for our foreign cars to enter. Maybe next time I should take a bus to save time.

    1. Heard she's gonna meet u folks in KL soon, hehe...

      Not only time, but also on the toll fee, hehe...

  5. I like the 3 seasons kueh and wow! BR ice-cream!

  6. Aah.. I love this kueh. The layers are pretty. I guess if I go to Singapore, I will try to be there really early to avoid the crowd at immigration. I don't enjoy long queues :P


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