Monday, June 19, 2017

Bento Set @ Jurong East MRT Station Kopitiam

I was running errands in Jurong East and end up in the Kopitiam Foodcourt at Jurong East MRT Station.

Passed by the stall selling Japanese Food and saw that one of the set, they have fried ebi and I have been craving for fried ebi for a while.

Order a set that comes with fried ebi and chicken @ $5.50.

It comes with a bowl of soup.  Overall, I like the fried ebi, the chicken ok.


  1. Nice food...

    You can also fry your own Ebi with Tempura flour.

  2. That looks good and only $5.50, so very cheap!

  3. The set with fried chicken and prawns for $5.50 is very cheap. I love fried ebi too, I want to buy the flour to try frying my own ebi.

  4. The bento looks quite alright.

  5. I would like the bento you have chosen.

  6. 我本身比較喜歡吃這種bento set,多選擇而且有飽足感啊!

  7. I love bento sets - it's a well balanced meal and convenient.


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