Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Blue Monday (29th May)

On Monday, I need to go to the supermarket to get some grocery.  I have wanted to go to the supermarket at Jurong Point as I have something in mind to eat at Jurong Point.  But then the Social Worker coming in at 2.30pm and the Grassroots Leader also coming over at 2pm due to some housing problem.  And beside, that morning, my mum wanted to go PPH there have a cup of Milo and also I have to make sure she eat something before I go out.  And also I can't take my own sweet time when go supermarket, so go JEM which is nearer.

This stall at Westgate (Westgate and JEM are neighbour) used to sell only Fishball Noodle, Laksa, Pork Ribs Noodle, etc only.  Now they also starts selling rice set, so I decided to give it a try.

I had the Chicken Cutlet set which comes with a cup of Lime Juice, Coffee/Tea @ $5.30.

The rice with curry gravy

The chicken cutlet




After eating, went to the supermarket and then back home where I have to unpack and keep those things I buy.  

The Grassroots Leader came, then the Social Worker.   Then came two National Environment Agency staffs to check for mosquito breeding as my area, there's few cases of Dengue.

After everybody left, I manage to rest for a while, then get ready to go for my workout.

My kaki is there that evening as that evening, her Brother is around that night so she do not have to rush back to take care of her mum.


  1. You are so active and running around always. Time flies fast for you and yet you have time for exercise. Thumbs up!

  2. Dengue? Eeeee...that's bad!

  3. The egg in the curry rice looked horrible. ^^

  4. 這個雞排飯不錯吃的樣子!

    1. Lucky the chicken cutlet is hot, if not, cold cold won't be nice...

  5. You are doing good.. Thumbs UP!

  6. God bless, Sharon! You are doing amazing. I really admire you for keeping up with exercising. :)

  7. What a busy Monday you had! Shopping, visitors, people checking for mosquito breeding ground and on top of that looking after your mom. And you are still able to find time and stamina for your exercise. But it is good too for you to go out and work out. Take care and may God watch over you and your mom.


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