Friday, April 7, 2017

Qing Ming

This year, Qing Ming falls on Apr 4th, 2017 which is a weekday.  During Qing Ming period, there's a bus 405 from Boon Lay Interchange which goes to Old Choa Chu Kang Road which is near to Choa Chu Kang Columbarium where my father ashes are placed.  The bus operates two weekend before Qing Ming and two weekend after Qing Ming and on Qing Ming day itself.

Every year after my father deceased, i will go to pay my respect to my father with my mum.

(1) As this year, my mum is not going due to her weaken leg, so only me go, i was worried there is jam and the waiting time for the bus is quite long, so i took Bus No. 172 from Boon Lay Interchange and stop along the main road, then walk in.  If my mum goes, i won't be able to take this bus as this bus requires longer walking than taking Bus No. 405.

(2) Nowadays, i hardly see this kind of bus stop

(3) Sign directing to the Columbarium

(4) As there is no walking path for pedestrians, so have to walk on caution and look out for vehicles.  Was surprise that there is no jam.  Maybe i was there in the afternoon, whereby most people goes in the morning.

(5) Last year, there is no construction going on, wonder what are they constructing.

(6) Passed by a long gao

(7) I remember this tree, it's still there

(8) Archive Photo - Reach the destination

(9) I don't remember seeing this papaya trees, maybe i didn't walk to the area previously or they are new.

(10) Usually, plants is plants to me as i do not know the name of the plants

(11) Another plant

(12) They even have vegetables

(13) I know this - koo chye

(14) Plants

(15) When i see this,  I think of  Phong Hong as she ever blog about limes.

(16) Took this picture while on the way out to catch the bus back

(17) Another random picture

(18) Saw a bird nest, but no bird inside

(19) Waited for quite a while before the bus arrive


  1. Lots of plants, I like :) The flower after the papaya tree picture is Balsam, I think.

    1. I also like plants, I only can admire, as do not have green fingers... Thanks for the name of the flower :)

  2. My missus went with her brothers. Very hot, I will fall sick, heat stroke. A student's mum went one year, a widow...and she just lay down and died at the husband's grave. Heat stroke.

  3. Haha. Long gao. So much green, look like a nice quiet walk you had.

    My first time doing ching ming this year. Never did it when I stayed with my parents. They usually gone very early, not on the exact day to avoid crowd.

    This year, I followed hubby's family. The whole family gone to the tomb around 5am in tge morning! So dark but we had torchlight. Walked up the hill for more than 5 minutes with kids tagging along. An experience for me and kids. ^^

    1. It's a nice walk, only have to be careful at the area where there is no pathway for pedestrian...

      Usually, I only go to my father there, my grandparents, my auntie will go...

  4. Most people will go in the morning to avoid the hot sun. Yes, the first flower is Balsam plant and the next one is Coleus.

    1. Usually I go in the morning, only this year, in the afternoon...

  5. Nice photo of trees, Sharon. The place looks neat and beautiful. For QingMing, we always choose a weekend and we go really early, before the sun is up ^.^


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