Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Learning Forest @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

Not to sure where is the Learning Forest, have to rely on signs for the directions.

(1) The entrance to the Learning Forest

(2) Flower

(3) Flower

(4) Flower

(5) Random Photo

(6) Random Photo

(7) Random Photo

(8) Random Photo

(9) Resting area, there's even a family there having picnic

(10) Flower

(11) Notice

(12) Stairs to take to get to the wetland

(13) A picture before walking the wetland

(14) Canopy web for kids

(15) Random Photo

(16) Walking path

(17) Random Photo

(18) Random Photo

(19) Random Photo

(20) Random Photo

(21) Resting area

(22) After walking for a while at the wetland, it started to rain, haiz, should have bring along poncho raincoat so that don't have to carry umbrella, but luckily, the rain is not too heavy.

(23) Manage to take the picture in the rain

(24) Also taken during rain time, after that, didn't manage to capture more pictures.

(24) Last picture before leaving Learning Forest


  1. I like this place. I hope I will get a chance to visit on my next visit. So many things to see.

  2. Looked quiet to me. No one. But a nice place to explore and enjoy the nature and beautiful flowers.

  3. I would love to spend time here.

  4. Lovely flowers and lush greenery. Singapore sure needs a lot more places like this, they're like lungs...

  5. 能感受大自然氣息!一級棒!

    1. Only that raining, can't explore more of the place...

  6. This looks lovely and definitely look forward to this walk

  7. Very nice scenery, Sharon and so peaceful! I would enjoy being here. :)

  8. Waaaah! I like this concept of learning forest! I live in a tropical jungle country but still need to learn all my surroundings.

    1. Next trip to Singapore, plan a visit there, hehe....


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