Monday, March 20, 2017


(1) Archive Photo - My mum has been going to PPH Community Services Centre for the weekly Friday breakfast for the past few weeks.  They are connected to PPH Brethren Church.  I happened to speak to the Chinese Ministry Pastor who has been there weekly the other time i brought my mum for the breakfast.  From there, i learned about the timing of the Church Services.  And that they have 2 buses to bring the residents from my area to the church.

(2) It has been quite a while that i went church.  I have been putting Workout as my priority which i know it shouldn't be that way.  Now that my area started Sundays @ the Park from 5pm to 6pm.  I know no excuse for me not to go Church.  As all the while that i didn't go Church, Sunday morning, i will be going for my workout.

I wanted to call my friend to go Church, but then thinking that i have not been to this Pasir Panjang Hill Brethren Church, so i ask if my mum wanted to go and visit the Church, if she wants to go, i will go with her, if not, i will call my friend to go to my home Church.

She's ok, so we took the transport that is provided to the Church. 

(3)  The service starts at 9am and ends at around 10.30am, light refreshment is provided.  The transport will pick up at 11.15am.  Ask my mum if she wanted to go elsewhere for lunch, she doesn't want, so we wait for the transport.  While waiting for the transport, i went for a quick walk.

 It so happen that's a lady who took the same transport to the Church, she's also going to the Chinese Service.  She mention she's born in the 60's and she's Chinese educated, so her English not that good, so she's attending Chinese Service.  If taking bus, will be alighting 2 bus stop after Hwa Par Villa and after seeing the Esso Station.  

She also mention that the area where i stay, mostly elderly residents, the Church paid for the transport to bring them to Church.

(4) Buses that goes there

(5) Sign indicating the direction to the Church

(6) There's also a Kindergarten in the Church

(7) Random Photo

(8) They have some plants there, one of the plant is the Mint Leave plant

(9) I was attracted by this flower

(10) From the Notice Board

(11) From the Notice Board

(12) Another plant

(13) My duck porridge @ $3 from the Food Centre near my house


  1. Good to know that your mom is keen to attend church and also that you have the time to accompany your mom to church. Duck porridge looks good.

    1. At first she was saiding this Sunday, manage to persuade her go last Sunday...

  2. So nice for church to provide light refreshment. Good to get connected with God again. ^^

  3. It's good that transport is provided for the residents in your area to go to church. So convenient.

  4. 這花不懂是什麽花,好特別的圖案。

  5. Haven't had duck porridge for a long time... hehe

  6. Mint! Mine is growing so poorly, the leaves are not even one-tenth the size of those. Sobssss!!!!

  7. Good to hear that there're still food selling at $2-$3 in Sg, things have gone so expensive here in Penang, barely can find a noodle dish at Rm 4 right now

  8. It's so good that the Church provides transport options to the elderlies.

    1. You are right, if not, those with walking problem, don't think they will want to go...

  9. Nice of the church to provide transport. ^.^


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