Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Seafood Spaghetti

That was this day when after getting my grocery, at first, was thinking of having fishball noodle, then change my mind, thought of having spaghetti as didn't eat it for quite sometimes, as my mum is not into spaghetti, so usually, I won't buy the raw spaghetti from the supermarket and cooked myself,  if think of eating it, will be eat outside.

(1) After ordering, was given a "pager", when food is ready, it will beep and customer will go to collect the food.

(2) Ordered Seafood Spaghetti @ $6.50, it comes with a clam, some slice of fish and prawn.


  1. Soup? I'd like it dry with just a little sauce/gravy.

  2. Looks like a lot of gravy. Dry or wet, I like spaghetti but hubby not a fan of spaghetti.

  3. The sauce looks a bit... watery...

  4. I am learning to enjoy spaghetti nowadays.. recently I cook the tomyam taste...

  5. 如果是Angel Hair就更加棒了!呵呵…

  6. I was told that spaghetti is healthier than eating noodles. I started to eat more spaghetti.

    1. Thanks for sharing, if not, won't know that spaghetti is healthier than noodles...

  7. Nowadays restaurants save costs on waiters, so they give you pagers. I find that a good idea.

  8. Yummy looks very delicious. Just like how I make mine, with lots of gravy!


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