Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's Sunday

(1) Brought my mum to church again on Sunday.  The bus will leave at 8.30am, but my mum was anxious, she wanted to leave at 7.30am to wait for the transport, but I told her, we leave the house at 8am, as from my place to PPH Community Services Centre is a short walking distance from my place.  While waiting for the transport, saw a cat, went over to take picture of it.  Thought it will run away, but no, it did not.

(2)  This round, I told my mum, you go Chinese Service, I go English Service, after service, wait for me at the Chinese Service there, I left a bit early while the English Service was having the closing prayer, when I went to the Chinese Service, they are about to end, I did not see my mum, I was anxious, so went to the waiting point for the transport, she was not there, then went to the area where they serve refreshment, she was there, the lady whom I took the same transport and in the Chinese Service was there with my mum, she told me that my mum wanted to leave earlier before the service ends and she brought my mum down to the refreshment area.

I was shy to take picture of the refreshment as many people there, so had a quick picture of the pandan chiffon cake that was served, beside pandan chiffon cake, they had sandwich, bun, coffee, tea, too.

(3) While waiting for the transport, as I can't sit still, I went to have a quick walk, private housing that was nearby the church.

(4) The path that have to be taken if take own transport, guess it's because of the walking distance to the bus stop that's makes my mum, when I ask her if she wanted to go elsewhere for lunch, she's not keen. 

(5) The transport that ferries the residents to and fro from my area to the church.

(6)  While waiting for the transport that morning, there's a resident passed by, who tabao foods back, my mum smells Nasi Lemak and told me about it and this makes me feel like eating it.   Went to the Malay stall selling Nasi Lemak, when I ordered the Nasi Lemak, the lady told me sold out, than she told me the rice left not much and show me the rice that is left.  I am ok with the rice, so I had the Chicken Wing set Nasi Lemak with an egg and cucumber.  Ordered a begedil to go with it.  Cost : $3.


  1. Miao! I love grey cats as they have unique fur colours. That cat is not scared of you but they will run when they see me. I must be fierce looking.

  2. The nasi lemak looked so dry without the spicy sambal.

  3. Just had begedil yesterday, the mamak sold it as special of the day hehehe

  4. Why you don't go Chinese service with your mum leh?

  5. Animals will not run away from you because they can smell that you are a kind person.

  6. Sometimes the nasi lemak may smell nice but may not taste good. Its been a long time I have not eaten nasi lemak. Have a lovely day!

  7. Wow! That is reasonable for a pack of nasi lemak. I just had my dose of nasi lemak yesterday.

  8. I haven't been to church in a long, long time .. I miss it! ^.^

    1. Before that, i also skip church for a while...


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