Monday, October 31, 2016

Ulu Pandan Park Connector to Bukit Batok East

Friend not comfortable walking those "forest" trail, so this round, we went for Park Connector.  For this walk, we starts from Pandan Gardens and ends at Bukit Batok East.

(1) Start of the walk, on the left is International Business Park, where there are many companies.

(2) The walking path

(3) Sungei Pandan

(4) After walking some distance, saw that there is staircase linking to the building

(5) Plant

(6) Plant

(7) Then came to an end, and then cross the road to continue walking

(8) The walking path

(9) This tree caught my attention as seldom saw tree trunk in this way

(10) Warehouse complex on the right

(11) Warehouse complex

(12) Building on the left

(13) Saw some exercise equipment, but only took picture of one of it

(14) This marks the end and have to cross the road to get to another path

(15) While waiting for the traffic to stop at the traffic light, took this river picture

(16) Walking path

(17) Another tree that caught my attention

(18) Canal

(19) Pan-Island Expressway on the above

(20) Walking path which we walk wrongly and have to turn back to another path

(21) Residential block

(22) Highway

(23) Correct path to take

(24) Pan-Island Expressway (PIE)

(25) Taken from another angle

(26) Ulu Pandan Park Connector

(27) The walking path

(28) Industrial building on the right

(29) Notice

(30) Industrial Building

(31) End the walk here - Bukit Batok Connection


  1. Long walk! Place is so deserted.

    1. Usually if i see people, i won't take picture, worry people might thought i take their picture and not like it and get scolded by them...

  2. 這段路程比較亮,所以不用太擔心 :)

    1. Yes, even at night, also can go without worrying as there's lamp post...

  3. This path less jungle so feel safer hee..hee..

    1. Ya, safer and no need worry about getting dark as there's lamp post, hehe...

  4. Good Afternoon Zumba & Trail Queen.

    The weather is sunny and cool today. I like the weather today.

    1. Good evening TM...

      Hot weather here today... No rain... Maybe i should sobsssss to make the rain come... lol...

  5. Ulu Pandan until Bukit Batok is quite long distance and you probably burnt 3000 calories!! Great!

    1. I can't control my intake of tibits, etc... So must be hardworking to do some walking...

  6. I think you are the first and only person in Singapore who has walked and covered all the connectors! You deserve a Merlion Award!!

    1. Still many more connectors have not walked...

  7. Seems like a long long walk to are so fit! Interesting trees, I think its the survival instinct in these plants.Thanks for sharing.

  8. Looks like a very long walk. I too would stopped to take pictures of the leaning tree.

  9. I love all the pictures you take on your walk. The place is so clean and serene.


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