Wednesday, October 12, 2016

凤山官 (Hong San Temple)

After the walk at Pelton Canal Park Connector, my friend has something to attend to, so we go on our own way.  Since the place where we end our walk is not far from Hong San Temple, i decide to make my way there since that period is the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Although i am not a taoist, i just want to see other religion culture.  Actually i can walk there, but tired and lazy already after the walk, so took a bus there.

(1) Taken from the overhead bridge

(2) Random Photo

(3) Random Photo

(4) Banner

(5) Stage for, from what i saw from the notice board, there is Opera Show

(6) Counter selling joss sticks, joss paper, etc

(7) 平安桥

(8) Random Photo

(9) Paper dragon boat

(10) Sedan Chair

(11) Random Photo

(12) Random Photo

(13) A very old tree

(14) Random Photo

(15) Random Photo

(16) Fake Flowers for sale

(17) Free Vegetarian Bee Hoon

(18) Red Bean Soup is also provided

(19) The Temple

(20) Random Photo

(21) Random Photo

(22) Random Photo

(23) Random Photo

(24) Random Photo

(25) Random Photo

(26) Random Photo

(27) Random Photo


  1. I like the monkey, it's very cute.

  2. Oh yah hor...9 emperor celebration. Hmmm...usually rain but this year tarak rain

  3. Not bad ma, quite happening also, this temple...

    1. If got chance, would loves to see Malaysia style...

  4. I've a temple coming up in my blog in a couple of days, a pagoda, to be exact.

  5. I have yet to participate in the Nine Emperor event, hubby is a Taoist.

  6. So most are random pictures.. you really can walk, Sharon... very initiative..

  7. Usually during this season, it will be rainy season but this year hardly any rain. In Ipoh, the road in front of the temple will be congested.

    1. Same here, hardly any rain and hot weather...

  8. This is interesting. Like you, I enjoy checking out other people's cultural activities too. :D


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