Monday, October 17, 2016

Alexandra Canal Linear Park

Another Park Connector walking with a friend.

(1) Starting of the walk where there is a canal, Alexandra Queensway Park Connector.

(2) The path is next to the Canal

(3) On the left, HDB Flats

(4) On the right, Global Indian International School

(5) Bridge linking from one side to another

(6) Protected area, Special Operations Command (Queensway Base)

(7) Greenery

(8) Flower, but do not know the name of the flower

(8) Indication on the distance to Alexandra Canal Linear Park

(9) Condo construction going on 

(10) Starting of the walk for Alexandra Canal Linear Park 

(11) The walking path

(12) Random Picture 

(13) Random Picture

(14) Then saw eatery place, ordered a plate of Seafood Yee Mee @ $5, not much ingredients, but lot of  Yee Mee.  Usally, nowadays, i only take picture of my food, as friend not blogger, when food serve, friend will start to tuck in, and if i were to take picture, will have to be very fast.

(15) Bicycle rack with pictures on the wall

(16) Racking picture

(17) The walking path

(18) Malay Mosque, Masjid Jamae Queenstown

(19) Random Picture

(20) Random Picture

(21) Resting area

(22) Lotus Flower

(23) Random Picture

(24)  Alexandra Canal

(25) Construction of condo ongoing

(26) Passed by a church

(27) End the walk here and walking to Valley Point for a drink


  1. Alexandra? That's around Queenstown, right?

  2. That was a long walk, Sharon! Good one!

  3. Good Afternoon Queen Of Zumba and Connectors.

    So you ventured into Alexandra Canal Linear Park which looks a bit like another country.

    1. Good evening TM...

      First time in Alexandra Canal Linear Park...

  4. Your photos reminded me about the green lung area in Taichung - Taiwan. The buildings, trees and water canals look so similar. Now I miss Taipei and Taichung pula.

  5. No people at all? Is it very early?

    1. I try not to take other people as worry they might not like it... So took in an angle where no people...

  6. I like those pretty pink flowers and the lotus.

  7. Nice they have distance marker. :)

    1. Ya, as least know how long more to reach the destination...

  8. I love the cute cow riding the rickshaw. Love the pretty flowers too. Looks like a nice park for walking.

  9. I think Singapore is a nice and safe country to walk around.

    Ooh. Bicycle rack. I like the idea.

    Your seafood noodle looked so good.

    1. So far, still ok to walk around...

      The bicycle rack, they have it in quite a lot of places...

      Only that i find that not much ingredients...

  10. 这莲花也实在是太美了吧!


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