Friday, October 7, 2016

Pelton Canal Park Connector

Usually, on every Sunday, i will have to travel to another place for my Sunday at the Park workout as there's no workout at my place there.  Three weeks ago, there's a workout organise by the RC near my place.  The first time, i didn't go as i didn't know about it.  The second week, it rains.  I went on the third week.  But the workout is very early.  From 7.15am to 8.00am.  Since now my place there, there's workout, will be there for the workout, but gonna miss those friends at the other Park there.

Then my "busy" friend, who always said wanting to exercise, manage to "find" time to exercise, went for a walk.  Target is Pelton Canal Park Connector.

(1) Starting of Park Connector Walk

(2) New HDB Flats

(3) Kallang River

(4) Playground for kids

(5) Passed by a temple

(6) Renovation going on in the temple

(7) Bridge linking to Kallang Park Connector 

(8)  From here, can choose to go straight to Pelton Canal Park Connector or turn left, crossing the bridge to Kallang Park Connector.

(9) Walking straight to Pelton Canal Park Connector

(10) Pelton Canal

(11) Underpass to cross over to the other side

(12) Then another bridge to cross over

(13) Pelton Canal Park Connector

(14) Then came an overhead bridge

(15) Taken from the overhead bridge

(16) Flyover for vehicles

(17) Expressway (PIE)

(18) Continue walking and then another bridge to cross

(19) Industrial Building

(20)  The walking path, jogger jogging

(21) Another overhead bridge to cross

(22) Took picture of the path that has been walked

(23) Canal

(24) End the walk at Blk 23 Balam Road


  1. Thats a pretty long walk Sharon... well done. Have a happy weekend.

  2. Good Afternoon Queen of Zumba!

    The weather is cool today. Banyak hujan this morning.

    1. Good afternoon TM...

      Cooling weather here also today... Has been raining till now...

  3. I salute your Ministry of Environment for all the good planning to create these connectors. I had little idea what it was until last weekend in Singapore. It is well done to show directions to all.

  4. You're on an island-wide tour of all the parks in Singapore or what?

    1. Exercising thr island-wide tour of the park, kekekeke....

  5. If I stay in Singapore, I would love to join you in your walking tour. Then I wouldn't have to worry about overeating. Lol!

    1. If we stays near, can go for walk together ya, hehe...

  6. With all your walking, you have burnt a lot of calories.

    1. Cannot resist eating tibits etc, so have to walk and walk... hehe...

  7. 感觉是走了好长远的路啊…

  8. Looks like a very long walk with your friend

  9. The scenery is so neat and clean. It makes long walks so much more exciting.

    1. That why i like to walk, can see scenery, hehe...


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