Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Texas Chicken

I'm not into fastfood, but when i saw from Facebook, a friend post about this EL Paso Chicken from Texas Chicken, it looks tempting and makes me wanting to try it out.

This set of EL Paso Chicken, comes with a crispy 1/4 chicken seasoned with Texas' Unique BBQ flavour, soft drink, mashed potatoes and biscuit, cost S$6.90, looks so different from the picture as advertised.  But i find that the chicken taste better than the one from another fast food chain.

Texas Chicken @ West Gate
3 Gateway Drive, #B1-09,
West Gate
Singapore 608532
Tel : 6465 9808
Fax : 6465 9809

Business Hours : 10am ~ 10pm (Mon ~ Sun)


  1. There's a Texas Chicken around Batu Caves, my sister and I went to try it that day, it was pretty cold at the ground floor but no place to sit, so went upstairs...but there's no air hot can stand for the heat, not even a fan there, we're like stuck inside sonar room like, then go to the restroom to wash water??? Very bad experience of this, but I'm pretty sure the one in Singapore should nicer!!! =]

  2. Never heard. My daughter likes Taco Bill. Only in Singapore, none here.

  3. good afternoon Sharon, how was your day??

    hmmm, I've also seen Texas Chicken here in KL but then I have not tried that before.. Maybe find one day can go and try and see if it's better than "one of the other fast food restaurant", hehe..

    good afternoon everyone!! have a great day ahead :)

  4. Wow, really different as per the advertisement LOL

  5. 照片这么大,可是却这么小?@_@

  6. So the chicken taste like normal bbq brown sauce?

  7. errr......errr....guess no way to poslaju hor?

  8. Ads picture always looked more appetizing than the real one. haha..

  9. 小影

    Nick tried before Popeyes (selling fried chicken), also not bad, wonder if Malaysia has it?


    Maybe one of the day, it will open over at your side...


    Good morning....

    If not nice, don't scold me huh, hehe....

    U too have a great day ahead... :)


    Also selling fried chicken like KFC...


    Another brand of the fried chicken in which i saw a blogger blog about it also nice...


    Ya lor, when i saw it, it's so different from the advertisement, lol...


    Ya, in Westgate, lol...


    So different from what they advertisement, lol...


    Try it out and you know it, kaka...

    Small Kucing

    Cannot pos laju, not fresh liao...

    Come, come, bring your hubby and J here, we go eat, keke...


    Can't eat often, hehe....


    Agree with it, lol...

  10. There's a Texas Chicken here too, but I don't know where, hubby tapao-ed back once before.. Taste ok, fried chicken, slaw, mashed potatoes.. Ok la, I like also..

  11. Princess Ribbon

    There's another fried chicken, Popeyes, also not bad...

  12. Around Batu Cave, Sri Gombak there!!!


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