Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Soh Kee Cooked Food

The other time i was at Jurong West  vicinity, i saw quite a number of tables eating the chicken with porridge from this stall, but that time, i had taken my meal, so was back another round to try out the foods from this stall.

This is the stall

Most stall, the chicken will come with rice or porridge with shredded chicken, but this stall, they serve only porridge.  Beside this, they also serve shredded chicken porridge, fish porridge, raw sliced fish.

This meal cost S$3.50

505 Jurong West St. 52
Singapore 640505

Operating Hours :
Tues ~ Sat : 8am ~ 8pm
Sun : Half Day
Mon : Closed


  1. Our Seng Kee here is a famous kompia shop!

  2. Plain congee with chicken meat sounds very tasty. I think serving it like this is better than shredded chicken meat inside the congee.

  3. I like this type of congee too! There is one famous chicken porridge in Kuching, only open at night and serve chicken congee and have steamed chickens too. Their chili dipping is nice!

    Sharon, if you happen to drop by Kuching or Sibu, do let me know. Bring you around and makan-makan. ;)

  4. 看起來好好吃的樣子!早安~

  5. Suituapui

    Must go try out when i go Sibu...


    First time i eat it this way, as most of the time, i eat it, is with rice or see it served as shredded chicken congee..


    Same, same, i like this kind of congee too... hehe...

    Sure, sure, will let you know if i'm in Kuching or Sibu... :)


    Good morning...

    Different people different taste, but i find not bad...

  6. good morning Sharon..

    awww, i like it this way.. plain congee with steamed chicken.. it surely tastes good!!

    good morning everyone!! have a great day ahead.. :)

  7. I don't really like to eat porridge, but I'll eat a lot of it if my mom cooked it!!! =]

  8. chicken porridge? come come...i cook for you nicer ...muhahahaha....

  9. Oh? Soh Kee not Seng Kee. Must have been very sleepy this morning, just woke up.

  10. The porridge is plain but I bet it's good to eat like that once a while, not that oily~

  11. Oh, tonight my mom cook porridge.. will eat with ikan bilis and the fermented taufoo! Looking forward..

  12. SK

    Good evening...

    First time, i try this way, hehe...

    Have a good day ahead ya... :)


    I opposite, i like porridge, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    I go KL, you cook for me to eat ya, wkakakakaka....


    Me blur sotong, take Soh Keefor Seng Kee...


    Not bad...


    For me, i like fish porridge, hehe...


    Yummy yummy...

  13. Looks good! Did it taste as good as it looks?

  14. Trishie

    Thanks for visiting my blog...

    Yes, it taste good...


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