Thursday, April 17, 2014

Funeral (14th April)

On Monday (14th April) , attended the funeral of my Aunty.  I didn't sleep well the day before, woke up 3 plus and couldn't get back to sleep and also that her funeral is at 9am in which the cortege will be leaving from her place at 8am, and i was worried i might be late.

Casket being carried into the hearse

We walk a short distance before boarding the transport taking us to Mandai Crematorium.

A service is conducted at Mandai Crematorium

Piss off at that time as one of my aunty friend, her handphone went off and i don't understand why before coming into the hall, she can't put her handphone to silent mode and has cause some distraction. 

Taking a last look

Taking a last look

Family members taking a last look

Being push in for cremated

Having refreshment at the hall after the cremation

After the transport take us back to my aunty void deck, we are served seafoods yee mee.


  1. You must be glad you managed to send her off and was not late. That friend is so inconsiderate not to put her hp on silent mode.

  2. A peaceful mass. Yes, that friend should be considerate and turn off the phone or put to silent mode.

  3. dunno what to say....only can say my condolence to you and your family

  4. good morning Sharon!!

    my deepest condolence to you and your family, and may your aunt RIP..

    good morning everyone and have a great day ahead..

  5. My deepest condolence to you and family.

    Get a good rest Sharon.

  6. My deepest condolence to you and to your family, stay strong!!!

  7. My condolence to you and family again. Hope you will be strong always as we all embark in this journey of life.

  8. Glad that you could make it to the funeral.

    Stay strong!

  9. I am sorry for your loss....

  10. Deep condolence to your family. You also take care of yourself k...


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