Friday, April 11, 2014

Jurong Spring Cultural Journey

Bought ticket to Jurong Spring Cultural Journey at $2, held at Jurong Spring CC basketball Court.


Philippines Booth

Malay Handicraft

Kids getting ready for Chinese dance

Can't remember what's the name of the performance

Belly Dance

Can't remember what's the name of the performance

Mr Desmond Lee, Adviser to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations, Minister of State for National Development

Malay Kompang Performance

These two ladies sang Chinese Opera songs

Malay dance

Performance by the Philippines group

Spain dance performance 

Got this while playing game at a booth, it can be used when one is in danger as pull the side knot, a loud sound is activate.

Got a free bag

with a folder(middle) and a notebook(right), the notebook in the left is from another booth.


  1. So many performances. You must have enjoyed them very much. The alarm thingy you won is very useful for frightening away would be attackers.

  2. Why that Mr Lee sticking out his tongue like that?

  3. Not bad leh, has somnay freebies for just $2 only!!!

  4. good morning Sharon!!

    wow, not bad not bad!! with just $2 you can watch the cultural performances and got some goodies back home..

    i like the alarm and also the bag with books.. nice!!

    good morning everyone!! have a great day and a wonderful weekend ahead :)

  5. For $2 then worth going in.. got goodies bag some more.. by the way what is inside the dating violence packets?

  6. The kids are just so cute right?

    So many performance. sure worth going.

  7. Good Morning Sharon.

    The weather is nice today after the heavy rain yesterday. Hope it rains again today.

  8. So you went to watch the stage performance! Why didn't you go up and perform some cute poses? Muahahahaha

  9. My aunty in Singapore always posted all the community gatherings and stage performances in Singapore. I like the close knit and supportive culture in Singapore. Good!

  10. Interesting event.

    Have a great weekdn Sharon. :)

  11. Huh!? I thought it's a cultural journey, how come got message on 'Dating violence' and alarm as prizes. LOL

  12. Mun

    Yes, it is very useful when in danger...


    All kids are cute... :)


    While pausing and then continue on his speech...


    Me aunty mah, got freebies, go look see look see, lol...


    Good afternoon...

    The alarm is good to use when in danger, hehe...

    Me Aunty mah, got freebies, go look see look see, lol...

    Have a good weekend ahead... :)


    It's a notebook, inside blank...

    Small Kucing

    All kids are cute ya, hehe...

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon... The weather here is hot...

    Hahaha... Me go perform, sure everyone walk away, lol...

    Thanks for the compliment... :)

    Have a wonderful weekend ya... :)


    You too have a great weekend... :)

    East Coast Life

    The 'Dating violence', can't recall what booth is that, the alarm is from the police booth...

  13. Great event! I actually love this type of cultural performances.

    Yeap, nice notebook.

  14. Rose

    Happen to know of the event, so bought ticket to it... hehe...

  15. wow, I love cultural performances too.

  16. Wenn

    Can get to know more about different counties cultural ya, hehe...


    Ya lor, got goodies again, lol...

  17. 不错啊!这里已经很少这种唱大戏的节目了呢…

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  19. Vincent

    Here sometimes when sintua got events, sometimes they will have 大戏...


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