Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Prawn Fritter/Ngoh Hiang/Bak Kwa/Hong Kong Style Swiss Chicken Wings

I wanted to try out doing prawn fritter, but mine is a failure as it turn out as above, recipe from Here.

Bought a packet of 276g minced meat from the supermarket. Try making ngoh hiang with 150g minced meat, shredded carrot, prawns and water chestnut.  Made 8 mini ngoh hiang, but fry only 4 of it. The reminding 4 of it, frozen it in the freezer for other days.

After cutting

The balance of the minced meat, i try making bak kwa with recipe from Here.

I have bookmark this Hong Kong Style Swiss Chicken Wings from Sonia blog.  Bought mid-wings from the supermarket and did it.


  1. yummy~
    I like Chicken Wing n Ngoh Hiang^^

  2. Wow, you made your own bak kwa - so diligent! Did you make all these food at the same time?

  3. despite the fritters were a failure but i thought they seem awesome too! maybe you can make some wasabi-mayo dip to complement them! :)

  4. hello Sharon!! how are you today??

    OMG, this post is going to kill me!! i love EVERYTHING in this post, seriously!!

    Prawn Fritter, Ngoh Hiang, Bak Kwa, Hong Kong Style Swiss Chicken Wings!! ALL I LIKE!!! yummy yummy!!!

    hello everyone!! have a great day ahead.. :)

  5. Suituapui

    Yup, can't cook too much as normally on the first day of CNY, not eating at home...


    Saw from Sonia's blog sometimes ago, so thought of trying it out, but lazy to do...


    The chicken wing, first time trying out this as saw from Sonia's blog... The Ngoh Hiang, i anyhow do, hehe...


    But don't look like hor, hehe...

    The Ngoh Hiang, i made one day before, and put in the fridge, fry the next day...


    Shall try that the next round i made it... :)


    Good morning... Tired...

    Thanks for liking it, hehe....

    You too have a great day ahead... :)

  6. Good morning Sharon....Wow all delicious food !

  7. MIL used to make Ngoh Hiang but this year she buy only , Not nice. Home make better

  8. Sharon,你可是煮了不少好吃的呢~

  9. Good afternoon Sharon!

    All the food seems yummy, but kinda heaty and oily huh? Must drink lots of water after that =)

  10. Elaine

    Good afternoon...

    Small Kucing

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

    Ya, buy one, not nice or it is quite expensive...


    Thanks for sharing the recipe...


    Must have the mood, hehe...


    Good afternoon...

    Ya, and also especially during CNY, also eat and eat, must drink lots of water...

  11. Although I am still very full now, I don't mind eating all those delicious food.


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