Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chinese New Year Day 1 (31st Jan 2014)

As usual, on the first day of CNY, will gather at my Uncle (My father eldest brother) place for lunch.

Decoration at my Uncle house

My cousin saw that the cupcake is cute, so few of us were taking picture of it, and the cupcake is yummy also.

Every year, my Uncle will cater foods from outside as our family members is big.

Not forgetting lo hei

While preparing to lo hei

After the visiting at my Uncle place, was at a relative's (My mum side) place.

My this relative, she's very good at cooking, and every year during Chinese New Year, she will cook foods 
to serve the guests. Had above curry chicken cooked by her for dinner.

Soup with fish maw and canned mushroom


  1. Like the curry chicken, basically I love spicy food!!! =]

  2. You guys are well prepared for the food part!

  3. Nowadays pretty cupcakes are included in the gathering food - very modern indeed. Hope you had a good time catching up with all your relatives during the gathering.

  4. wah so need to be busy preparing food.

  5. Cup cakes so cute and nice decorated.
    Happy new year ya....

  6. its such a good thing to gather for an annual event, unfortunately we don't have such a big family to organize such a grand gathering haha, only the few of us here having steamboat every year :P

  7. hi there Sharon, how are you doing today??

    oh, very nice cupcakes and so CNY theme also, i like it..

    the food also very nice.. and of course not forgetting the lo hei, must HUAT HUAT HUAT for the new year..

    hi there everyone.. wishing everyone a great day ahead tomorrow.. :)

  8. Wahhhhh!!!! So grand. Your house, when?

  9. 小影

    Anything that my this relative cook, i loves it as all foods that she cooks, it's yummy yummy...


    Oh yes, hehe...


    Ya, if not during other time, we hardly have time catching up...


    Too many people, if preparing foods, will take up quite a lot of time...


    Yes, it is...

    Puddycat Mei Ai

    That's why my cousin was mentioning about taking picture of it, hehe...

    Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family...


    Ya, a good time to catch up, if not other timing, hardly catch up with each other...


    Good morning... Today very good mood, hehe...

    Only that i didn't take pictures of other foods as busy catching up with relatives...

    Yes, Huat ah, Huat ah, Huat ah, for the new year...


    hahaha... My house small, can't accommodate so many people...

  10. Good morning Ms Sharon...
    Great company and good food!

  11. OMG!!! got stuffed tapau for me or not???

  12. 你们的新年聚餐还准备了cupcake呢!

  13. Elaine

    Good evening...

    Yes, it is...

    Small Kucing

    All inside our stomach liao, kakaka....


    ya, hehe...


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