Monday, February 24, 2014

Fried Nian Gao

I bought this Nian Gao before Chinese New Year at S$4.30

It has been in the fridge and i feel like eating it, so cut half of the Nian Gao in pieces as above.

Flour with egg and water

Nian Gao after frying


  1. It's been a very long time since I have eaten this fried nian gao. Usually I buy those fried nian gao sandwiched between a piece of tapioca and a piece of sweet potato. How many days did you take to finish the whole plate?

  2. Not my favourite - so sticky, hard to chew, difficult to swallow...and sweet!

  3. good morning sharon

    oh, your fried nian gao is very simple, just the nian gao and the flour batter??

    hmmm, over here we will have one slice of yam and one slice of sweet potato to sandwich the nian gao, then we fry it with the batter..

    good morning everyone

    have a great day and a wonderful week ahead :)

  4. I like this simple way of frying, just easy and nice!!! =]

  5. Good morning.

    I like fried nian kao but lazy to fry. Lol

  6. oh I hv cut my ninan gao and it's still in the fridge. I hv even bought the sweet potatoes. Just need the mood to fry them.

  7. Mun

    For me, i prefer the original, have not tried sandwiched with yam or sweet potato...

    I used half of the nian gao only, so finish it liao...


    Ya, it's sticky...


    Good morning...

    Ya, and i prefer it this way, hehe...

    Still have half of the Nian Gao in the fridge, maybe one of the day shall try with yam and sweet potato... hehe...

    You too have a great day and wonderful week ahead...


    Hi 5, same same... hehe...

    Small Kucing

    Good morning...

    haha... I also lazy, but feel like eating, so gotta fry it, hehe...

  8. Good morning... miss eating this.. bcos did not buy any this year!

  9. Good morning Sharon!

    It is hot and hazy today. Are you sure the smoke is not from Singapore? LOL

  10. I also have one Nian Gao on my table! Waiting to fry them with sweet potato and yam! 3-in-1 would be delicious! I will courier to you ok.

  11. Hi Sharon

    I did the same thing too by using cake flour and egg batter.

  12. i also like to eat fried nian gao, especially with 芋头和番薯...
    then the one steam liao eat with 椰丝also not bad!!!yummy yummy~~

  13. I still have mine on the table.. will steam it and eat with fresh coconut... :)

  14. Elaine

    Good afternoon... Oh, then have to wait next year liao...

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon...

    Hot weather in SG...

    hahaha... Malaysia and Singapore are neighbour, haze will visit each other, lol...

    I will hop at my side, kakaka....

    You too have a great week ahead... :)

    Yee Ling

    Good afternoon... Hi 5, same same... :)


    Next year, i go SP find you eat, lol...


    I have not tried with fresh coconut...

  15. My favourite! Like it fried than steam. :)

  16. 那天妈妈才让我们带了几块回家吃!我很喜欢呢~:D

  17. That's what we did too! LOL! My aunt likes to sandwich them with Yam and Sweet Potatoes either :D

  18. Rose

    I have not steam before...


    I also like it, too bad i buy a small one...


    Me too...


    Still have half in the fridge, i should go get sweet potatoes and did it with the other half, hehe...

    Small Kucing


  19. I love fried nian gao! I will eat non stop one, haha xD

  20. Don't sulk lah, wait wrinkles come out, not nice liao...

    Smile smile... :)


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