Thursday, February 13, 2014

Moonlight Cake House (6th Feb 2014)

After lunch, as Cat has another appointment, so left only M and me.  As M has something to attend to, she drop me at KSL City for about 1/2 hour, then pick me up again and bring me to Moonlight Cake House for afternoon tea.

Was attracted by this Cute Cartoon Fondant

Cute cake

First time trying this Dragon Pineapple Gelato, quite like it

Rainbow Cake

Beside ordering the above cake to share, we also order drink, but i didn't take picture of the drink.

Address :
160, Jalan Sri Pelangi, Taman Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Tel : 07-333 9922

Website :


  1. one Dragon Pineapple Gelato pls :p

  2. good afternoon Sharon, how are you today??

    hey, very cute cakes!! so nice lah those fondant cakes.. you didn't buy one little one to try??

    the two slices of cakes also looks good, seemed like you had a nice tea time with M..

    good afternoon everyone, have a great day ahead..

  3. Spot that LINE character, it's so cute...!!! =]

  4. Saw this moonlight cake house but never step in yet....the cake all look nice :)

  5. The fondant is really cute and real!

    Rainbow cake is such a hit lately!

  6. The rainbow cake looks pretty but I don't dare to eat such a colourful cake. Hope you and M had a good tea time enjoying your drinks and eating those cakes.

  7. Grace

    Pls help yourself... :)


    Good morning...

    If buy, i will can't bear to eat also as it's so cute... hehe...

    Ya, had a good time catching up with M, hehe...

    You too have a great day ahead...


    I find all also cute, hehe...


    At first see so many choices of cake till dunno which one to choose...


    First time try out rainbow cake...


    Yes, it's super cute ya... hehe...


    First time i try out this cake..

    Ya, had a good time catching up with her... :)

  8. lovely cakes you have there. I love the gelato i think.

    somebody will be having rainbow cake for his birthday

  9. Small Kucing

    Both i also like, hehe...

    Wondering who will be having rainbow cake for birthday, hehe...


    Ya, pretty...

  10. Dragon Pineapple ... very special indeed. I like all the cakes that you pictured in your post, so cute and pretty!

  11. OMG, i will definitely go for the gelato! looks super duper awesome!

  12. Iriene

    Thank you for visiting my blog...

    Find it cute, so took picture of it, hehe...


    I first time try out that, hehe...


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