Sunday, December 9, 2012

Peach Garden @ Gardens by the Bay (17th Nov 2012)

After our walk at Gardens by the Bay, friends were hungry and since there's a few places to choose from, we were deciding on what to eat when we saw from another eatery place where the price is not much different from Peach Garden, we decided to have our dinner at Peach Garden. Since i was not that hungry, i did not eat, but eat dessert.

Loves the dessert

Had a bite of the chicken, find the chicken not bad

Also had a bite of the fish, not bad


  1. 甜品可真的是凉快凉快啊!

  2. I love the dessert, very special!


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  4. Vincent

    Yes, it is...


    Me also loves the dessert, hehe...


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