Monday, December 10, 2012

Johor Bahru (18th Nov 2012)

I have not meetup with Catherine and also  i didn't go over to Johor Bahru for quite somtimes, the other day whatapps her when she is free to meetup and i go over to Johor Bahru to meet her.

From Jurong East Interchange, i can either take SBS Transit Bus No. 160 which goes by Woodland Checkpoint to Johor Bahru or by Causeway Link CW3 which use Tuas Checkpoint and goes to Bukit Indah.

Am suppose to meet Catherine at Bukit Indah which is nearer her place, but from the queue at CW3, it was so long that i thought i take bus no. 160 and goes by Woodland.  What worried me when goes to Johor Bahru is jam at the causeway, luckily there's no jam at the causeway and also no long queue at the Malaysia Immigration area.

Catherine pick me up after the checkpoint.

Catherine bring me to a shop that sell bread (next post) and below are pictures that i took as we walk along there.

Deepavali decorations along Little India in Johor Bahru


  1. 这一篇写得挺长的。那些青色一粒粒的什么?

  2. 孤傲的王子

    Nice ya, hehe...



  3. I never been to johor leh day must go and roam there

  4. Small Kucing

    Then come to Singapore, hehe...


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