Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Garden by the Bay (17th Nov 2012)

Me and friend did not visited Gardens by the Bay when it first open as we were worried that it might be crowded, so we waited for quite sometimes before we visited the place. As the weather was not that good that day we went and we was there in the evening, did not take much pictures.


  1. 记得之前我们第一次来的时候好像还没有建好的。这之后可以的话,一定会去那里拍照的!^^

  2. yes its one of the place i wanna visit

  3. in my travel list ^^

    but dunno when will go, me n my frens talk about visit Singapore for 2 years already, but not yet take any actions.><

  4. Vincent

    Do visit the place on your next visit to Singapore ya...

    Small Kucing

    Waiting for you to visit Singapore...


    haha... me also talk about go Penang, but still have not go... hehe...


    Ya, the night view there is nice...


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