Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sugar Granny (老甜婆小食)

We wanted to eat desserts, but as the coffeeshop does not sell desserts and the staffs there told us about this dessert shop which is nearby, we went there. As my friends are not bloggers, so i have to quick quick take pictures of the foods.

Yam Paste

Can't recall what's the name, but it has something to do with durian

Sticky Chocolate Muar Chee

Fried Calamari


Address :
5 Teo Hong Road

Opening Hours :
Sun – Thu, 1pm – 11pm
Fri – Sat, 1pm – 1am

Tel : 6224 9368


  1. hahaha, you are so cute, because not blogger friend, so you have to quick quick take picture..Next time only come out with bloggers,hehehe..

  2. long time never try Yam paste oledi..
    i remember last time when went to ppls wedding sure have this dessert.but now no more very very hard to find~

  3. the fried calamari looks delicious

  4. 我看中冷的那份甜品^^

  5. Hahaha, I understand the need to 'quick quick take photos' when you are out with non-blogger friends :)
    Anyway, my own group of close friends are already so used to me that whenever we are out and when the food arrives, they are already telling others at the table to hold their chopsticks/forks/spoons/ and let me snap the first photo! :) Hehehe...the fun of having such friends ;)

  6. Vincent

    If not will be quite common, hehe...


    hahaha... Once the food is serve, my friends will be grabing to eat, i will be busy taking pictures, hehe...


    Me too...

    Puddaycat Mei Ai

    Ya, normally wedding will have this dessert ya...

    Small Kucing

    So so only...


    The durian dessert is nice...


    Me also loves that, hehe...

    If not will be quite common ya, hehe...

  7. Christy

    At first my friends was curious why i was taking pictures,told them it's for my blog, now they are also used to it... hehe...


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