Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ulu Sembawang Park Connector

A friend of mine, who have been saiding wanted to do exercise, but have been hearing the friend keeps saiding "no time", finally has the "time" to do some walking.  Main motive is to walk the Ulu Sembawang Park Connector.

(1) Started at Singapore Sports School which is the Woodlands Park Connector (SLE) Park Connector.

(2) The path

(3) Above will be expressway

(4) PCN which stands for Park Connector

(5) After walking a bit of time, manage to see the expressway

(6) Plants

(7) Flowers that grows out of the tree

(8) After walking for about 25 minutes, reached Ulu Sembawang Park Connector.

(9) On the left , constructions area

(10)On the right, greenery

(11) The path

(12) Expressway

(13) Random picture

(14) After a while, out of the construction on the left

(15) An old building

(16) Flower

(17) Seeing the above makes me think of Nature Reserve

(18) Total around 25 minutes taken to walk the Ulu Sembawang Park Connector 

(19) Total timing i took to walk the Woodlands (SLE) Park Connector and Ulu Sembawang Park Connector is about 50 minutes.


  1. Good Afternoon Queen Of Zumba!

    The weather is cool today after the heavy rain yesterday.

  2. I like the way you spend your time walking everywhere. Good exercise for your mind, body and soul.

    1. And a form of relaxation too... Now i prefer walking than going to shopping centre, unless i need to buy things in need, if not i will end up buying things that i don't need...

  3. The sign board shows Ulu Sembawang has so many lakes!!

    1. Ya show lakes, but i didn't see any lakes only greenery...

  4. Sembawang. I had a friend staying in that area, but I dunno exactly where it is.

  5. I like that red flower. I have never seen it before.

  6. 我喜欢这树上长出来的花,让人看得赏心悦目的!

    1. Seldom i like flowers from the tree... hehe...

  7. Replies
    1. Yes, that why, if can, i go different park connector to walk, so can see different things...

  8. Yes, my uncle had a swing like that too and my cousins and I used to sit and play and climb all over it.

  9. I love checking out flowers as I walk too. So pretty! ^.^


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