Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mid Autumn Festival @ Albert Mall

Another place that i went is at Albert Mall in Bugis area.

(1) Weather was good when i went out, but upon reaching there, the weather turns cloudy, starting raining after walking for a while.

(2) Same spot whenever there is a statue

(3) Stage for performance

(4) The street where there is a Festival Bazaar

(5) Saw this cute Doraemon LED Lantern

(6) Lanterns

(7) Lantern

(8) This lantern caught my attention, too bad, i an no longer a kid, if not will get one for the festival.

(9) Traditional type of lantern

(10) Paper type of lantern which i used to play with when i was a kid

(11) Doraemon

(12) Piglet

(13)Selling of Yam Mooncake, the lady selling is standing there, so i was shy to stand nearer to take picture of it.

(14) Mooncake for sale

(15) Minion

(16) There's a row selling mooncake

(17) Random picture of Mooncake stall

(18) Mooncake for sale

(19) Pomelo

(20) Mini Yam

(21) Not too sure what is this called

(22) Plants - I can only see, as i have no green finger, if i buy, i will only harm the plants.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
all my friends and readers


  1. So cheap, the mooncakes there!!! Here, buy...also heart pain. :(

    1. These are cheaper, if those selling in shopping mall, the price you paid, heart pain...

  2. I love to eat mini yam. This year I forgot to buy. Hope there will still be some for sale after the festival.

  3. #21 is Water Caltrops or 菱角.

  4. What a nice bazaar - so many interesting things. Mooncake day was a quiet affair for me this year. :)

    1. I didn't buy any mooncake, only the other time, pass by shopping centre selling mooncake, went to try the sample only, keke...


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