Monday, September 12, 2016

Mid Autumn Festival @ Gardens by the Bay

My workout on Monday is near to Gardens by the Bay, so i thought i had a super quick walk at Gardens by the Bay to take a look at the Mid-Autumn Festival decorations which is from 3rd - 18th September.

Actually i thought of going after my workout to see the night with the lights on, but i might be 'half dead' and also sweaty, so went for a quick round before my workout.

(1) Signboard indicating the direction

(2) While walking, i took picture of what i saw

(3) Took from one side due to the sunlight


(5) Lanterns on display

(6) The only stall i saw that has open for business as the rest are still in the midst of preparing.

(7) Stage for night performance




(11) A closer picture of the flowers


(13) A close up of the decoration

(14) A close up of the decoration

(15) A close up of the decoration

(16) A close up of the decoration







(23) A close up of the butterfly

(24) Chang er

(25)  Can't figure out what's that

Since i had a quick walk, when i reach the venue for the workout, i was like sweating already.


  1. Who's that elegant lady in the last pic?

    1. She happen to stand there, i no time to wait for her to walk off....

  2. The decorations are quite elaborate. Very festive feel to it.

    1. I remember Claire came a year and went Gardens by the Bay and there's also decorations and she ever blog about it, hehe...

  3. Do they still hold Lantern Festival at the Chinese Garden?

  4. So many nice decorations put up for the festival. I am sure it would be beautiful when lighted up.

    1. Yes, it sure will be beautiful when lighted up...

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  6. Good Afternoon Zumba Queen!

    The weather was so gloomy and cool yesterday! Nice!

    1. Good afternoon TM...

      Good weather here today...

  7. Wow! I love the festive decorations! So Chinese looking themes and nice.

    1. Last minute thought go walk one round before workout...

  8. Wow... the decorations are beautiful. I wish I was there to see it!

    1. Plan a plan to Singapore the next round to see it, hehe...


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