Friday, October 11, 2013

Meetup with 仪仪妈咪 (6th Oct 2013)

Saw from Facebook 仪仪妈咪 post picture of the Merlion and that she's in Singapore.  Whatapps her ask her how come she's in Singapore and she didn't give me a call.  She said she's following her hubby and a friend of her hubby who will be in Singapore to do shooting for a wedding couple.  So i ask her if by any chance to meetup as the last time, i metup with her is in 2011  which is two years back.

We metup in Chinatown which is not very faraway from the hotel she's staying and we walk for a while before we went for dinner at Tak Pok Dim Sum Restaurant.

Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun

Char Siew Pau & Carrot Cake

Har Kou

Tak Po
42 Smith Street
Singapore 058954
Tel : 62250302

After dinner, we went Little India for a walk which by Circle Line is not very far away from Chinatown before we call it a day.


  1. good to meet up with her..
    btw, the chee cheong fun looks good..yummy!

  2. Must be a nice meet up huh? ;)

  3. Ha, another meetup. Must be nice. So good of you to take the initiative to contact her when you noticed from facebook that she is in Singapore.

  4. aiya, why no photo of u both geh??
    anyway sure is nice meet up ^^

  5. good morning Sharon!!

    good morning everyone..

    lovely dimsum!! but why there is no photo of you with 仪仪妈咪??

    have a good day and great weekend ahead :)

  6. Wenn

    Yes, nice to meetup with her...

    This dim sum place always lots of people...


    Yes, it is...


    It so happen she free on the evening, so we meet up, hehe...


    Morning Suituapui...


    Forgot to ask and also pai seh to ask someone to take for us, hehe...


    Good morning SK...

    Forgot to ask and also pai seh to ask someone to take for us, hehe...

    U too have a good day and great weekend...

  7. same with shan, wondering why no photo posted here, haha!

  8. 慧慧

    I took a picture of 仪仪妈咪, but didn't post up here, hehe...

  9. It was always great to meet up with bloggers!!! =]

  10. must be very excited since long time not meeting up already :)

  11. 小影

    Yes, it is...


    Too bad that time when you are in SG, didn't manage to catch up with you...


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