Friday, October 18, 2013

Chin Huat Live Seafood (8th Oct 2013)

Celebrating friend JL birthday, we went Chin Huat Live Seafood as JL saw from television recommendation about the crab there, so wanted to try out.

Saw this crab and took picture of it

Kow Kia with Assorted Egg

Salted Egg Prawns - The prawns is nice

Crab Bee Hoon - But we find that the bee hoon nothing special, not much different from those zi char stall.

Crab with Pumpkin Sauce - This is the crab that JL saw in TV about the recommendation.

Fried Bun

While leaving after dinner, one of my friend saw this huge fish and ask us to take picture of it.

Chin Huat Live Seafood Restaurant
Blk 105 Clementi St. 12 #01-30
Singapore 120105 (Sunset Way)
Tel : 6775 7348
Fax : 6774 5081

Website :
Email :


  1. I like the dish Kow Kia with Assorted Egg. How was the Crab with Pumpkin - was it very tasty?

  2. Wah, crabs again!!
    So hungry now!! xD

    Is seafood expensive there?

  3. yea, crabs again! I love them!

  4. Is the fish for cooking or deco??? Because for such a big fish should be just good for decorations only!!! =]

  5. 这个放pumpkin sauce的很特别!搞得我有点饿…

  6. Mun

    First time trying it and also something different, for me, i still prefer chilli crab sauce to goes with the bun...


    Ya, friend wanted to eat crab hehe...

    We expected the bill to come out expensive, but to our surprise, reasonable price, S$150 for all the dishes there...


    Me loves crab too, hehe...


    Yes, yummmmmmm... hehe...


    Not too sure if it's for cooking or deco, hopefully for decorations... hehe...


    Friend saw from TV about this recommendation, so wanted to try out...

  7. good morning Sharon

    good morning everyone!!

    awwww, belated happy birthday to JL.. hope JL had a great birthday :)

    so how was the pumpkin crab?? looks interesting to me..

    ah, seafood restaurant mah, sure must have huge fish to attract customers right??

    did you ask how much is that fish?? must be expensive~~

    have a great day as well as a great weekend ahead.. :)

  8. Good morning Sharon...

    I think the fist time came across pumpkin crab. Must be very rich and creamy to go with the bao.

  9. SK

    Good afternoon...

    Thank you on behalf of JL...

    First time try it out, not so used to the taste...

    Nope, did not ask hehe...

    U too have a great day and a great weekend ahead... :)

    Yee Ling

    Good afternoon...

    I also first time came across it and first time try it...

    I still prefer chilli crab sauce to go along with the bun...

  10. The crab taking a bath before goibg into the wok?

    Food looks good . expensive?

  11. Small Kucing

    Think so, hehe...

    $150 for 4 person, in which we find quite ok as we thought it will come out to be more expensive....


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