Monday, October 14, 2013

后港斗母官 (6th Oct 2013)

My late grandparents used to live near this temple and this temple has been around for a very very long time. Every year they will celebrate the 九皇大帝聖诞.  My mum ask me to go with her and as she went to pray, i walk around and take pictures.

The banner outside the temple

Entrance to the temple

Items sold for used in prayer

Q for the Vegetarian Bee Hoon

Vegetarian Bee Hoon is provided

And also Green Bean Soup

Decorations outside the temple


  1. good morning Sharon

    wow, very interesting with all those offerings and decorations!! and the food are delicious!!

    i've only been to the 九皇爺廟 only once, which was last year..

    good morning everyone!!

    have a great week ahead.. :)

  2. Good Morning Sharon. The weather is so cool today after some rain last night.

  3. Your photos are so colourful and nice. Are you enjoying the vegetarian meals now?

  4. Have a good week and tomorrow is a holiday in Malaysia.

  5. The mi ku so cute. Did you buy for prayer?

  6. I think the decorations should be more attractive at night with the lights on!!! =]

  7. SK

    Good afternoon...

    I loves the decorations, hehe...

    Have a great week ahead too...

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon...

    It's raining in the morning and now the weather is hot...

    Bee hoon is one of my likes also, hehe...

    Tomorrow is public holiday in SG too..

    U too have a good week too... :)

    Small Kucing

    Good afternoon...

    Nope, i dare not ask for the price, as there's a year i went, and ask for the price, it was very expensive...

    U too have a wonderful week ahead...


    Yes, night is attractive, hehe...

  8. so long did not go to this kind of celebration.

  9. So I think the 9th day is finally over, right? I notice the shops are quite quiet for the past 9 days... now they can breathe a sigh of relief.. business is back to normal again...

  10. Good evening Sharon!

    Wow, looks interesting! Must be somewhat different from what we experience here, see if I got the chance to experience it myself some day ;)

  11. Thank you for sharing these photos. Look interesting.

  12. Suituapui



    Oh ic...


    Yes, it's over already...


    Good morning...

    From the pictures in Angeline blog, see that in Taiping also quite interesting...


    Went to see the send off at the temple on Sun, but didn't send off to the seaside, only have not post the pictures..

  13. 我们每年也会定时去上香拜拜的^^

  14. The offerings also become very luxurious nowadays...


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