Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Taste Better (9th June 2013)

It has been sometimes since i meetup with Catherine, this year Chinese New Year, i didn't manage to go over to find her, the last time i meetup with her is last year Nov 18th, 2012 where she bring me to the famous Hiap Joo Bakery Biscuit Factory which has been features in the newspaper and TV, also we went Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum and lastly a late lunch at Kam Long Restaurant.

So i whatsapp her to check when i can go over Johor Bahru to look for her. As usual, i took the Causeway Link bus from Jurong East to Bukit Indah.

Picture taken during the bus ride from Tuas Checkpoint to Malaysia Checkpoint.

On the way from Tuas Checkpoint to Malaysia Checkpoint.

As CW3 passby AEON Bukit Indah, we arrange to meet there.

Passby a shop Taste Better which sells Durian and Yogurt Puff

Puffs on the shelf

We bought some puffs to try out

Durian and yogurt puff, the durian puff is not bad and first time try out yogurt puff

Our drink, soymilk drink and cappuccino

Taste Better
G42 Bukit Indah Shopping Centre
8 Jalan Indah 15/2,
Taman Bukit Indah 81200
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Website :


  1. Yummy durian puffs..

    Yogurt puffs? first time heard of this..

  2. look yummy...never try this Taste Better yet :)

  3. have not used the causeway for many years since most of the time i'm taking flight to SG..

  4. oooh, yoghurt puff, that sounds nice!! but i have to get away from the durian puffs first, i don't like durians at all~~ :D

  5. me same like SK. Yogurt puff sound good but durian puff...hmmm....dont think suits me...though I love to eat durian :p

  6. Never heard about durian flavour!!! But it looks good to me!!! =]

  7. Saw in KL but didn't buy any this time around. Used to love those durian puffs, pancakes, much. Got to cut down on my sugar intake, cannot indulge just like that anymore. Sobssss!!!!!

  8. fresh puff is yummy but I still prefer the normal puff.

  9. Angeline

    I also first time heard of it and try it out, hehe...


    If not wrong, from the website, Penang also have it...


    A lot of Singaporean loves to cross the causeway to JB during weekend...

    I opposite, i loves durians, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    I loves anything that has to do with durians, lol... As for yogurt puff, first time try it out...


    I loves anything that has to do with durians, hehe...


    I also loves it, but like what u mention, have to control the intake...



  10. I prefer the yogurt puff than durian puff at Taste Better.

  11. 我喜欢吃durian puff!嘻嘻~

  12. Durian and yogurt puff, I would go for yogurt puff, cause me no like durian, hehe~

  13. Sonia

    Both also i like, hehe...


    I also love to eat durian, hehe...


    Hehe... I opposite, i like to eat durian... hehe...

  14. I also love to eat durian. Guess the durian puff is nice to eat. I have not heard of yogurt puffs.

  15. Mun

    I also first time heard about yogurt puff...


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