Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kota Iskandar (9th June 2013)

When i was whatsapp with Catherine, she ask me where i want to go, i reply her to bring me sightseeing instead of shopping.  So she bring me to this place Kota Iskandar.

From the website about Kota Iskandar :

Kota Iskandar, the Johor state administrative centre and Malaysia’s iconic destination, founded on the Islamic design philosophy that harmonises humanity with the State’s history, heritage, culture and nature.

Beyond that, it represents many things about Johor: the heart of its politics, a storybook of its heritage, a thriving tourist hub, and the pride of its people. After all, it is Johor’s living legacy, cherished by all.

For Johoreans
By bringing together government functions in an open environment, government machinery becomes more effective to its staff and more accessible to the public. 

For investors
With full support from the Johor government, Kota Iskandar is a haven for both local and global investors doing business in Johor.

For tourists
Kota Iskandar promises a myriad of experiences for the visitor – with interesting sights, charming locals, exciting activities, and the spirit of the destination to be felt.

Below are pictures taken at Kota Iskandar :

Picture taken from the car

Picture taken from the car

Kota Iskandar Website :


  1. Nice!!! But I have never been there!!! =]

  2. Very Moorish design. This is to Johore what Putrajaya is to KL, I guess. What about the place where one can buy all the branded stuff? You went?

  3. Quite a historical place huh?

    The surroundings is quite clean and well maintained!

  4. we also snapped photos from the car coz too hot to walk around the other day ..

  5. oh, this is a new tourist spot in JB huh?? have not been there before.. the last time i visited JB was like 4-5 years ago..

  6. looks nice and can spend a lazy afternoon there huh?? now JB has so many places to go, Legoland, Premium Outlet and Hello Kitty World etc..

  7. 小影

    My first time there...


    Johor Premium Outlets, nope, didn't go there...


    Quite like that place as find that the surrounding is quite relaxing and also like what you mention, clean and well maintained...

    Small Kucing

    That day is a hot weather...

    Went to Puteri Harbour, post coming soon...


    Maybe not really very new...

    A nice place to visit... :)

    Ya, now many places, hehe...

  8. 我真的不知道有这么一个有趣的地方呢!

  9. the Kota Iskandar looks magnificent.

  10. Oh, recently just dropped by Johor but missed out this place! Too bad!

  11. Vincent

    I also didn't know about it...


    Oh yes...

    J Sky

    Next round ya... hehe...

  12. Good morning,
    Thanks for sharing such nice views of Kota Iskandar. Have a nice weekend

  13. Elaine

    Good afternoon...

    U too have a great weekend... :)

  14. Your pictures are nice! What camera that you used?

  15. beautiful places, must find one day to visit.

  16. So this is like PutraJaya for Johor. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  17. Fay Jesselton

    Thanks for visiting my blog...

    I'm using Samsang...


    Do visit it one of these day ya...


    My first time visit there...


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