Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Day at Catherine Place (29 Jan 2012)

Pictures taken using my handphone.

I just realized that i did not update this last year CNY post when i was doing some updates last night. So i can only recall.

Went to visit Catherine during the CNY period. The trip from Jurong East using Tuas Checkpoint to Bukit Indah cost S$4.00.

Took some surrounding pictures of Bukit Indah since i was early

Went again to this shop which i racky when i visit Catherine during 2011

My lunch at the nearby eatery place, had Laksa (Thick Mee Hoon) and Lemon Tea

Tea Garden Restaurant (TGR) S/B
11 & 15 Jalan Indah 15/1
Taman Bukit Indah
81200, Johor Bahru

Some CNY Decorations at the nearby Shopping Centre

Pictures of the surrounding near Catherine house

CNY goodies at Catherine house

They had a dinner gathering at the nearby park near Catherine house

Ready to serve the residents there

My dinner

Gathering time!!!

Lighting of 孔明灯

Getting ready to lift the  孔明灯 into the sky


From Bt. Indah back to Singapore is RM5.00


  1. 哈哈哈哈哈…几个月前的事,我也会不太记得了咯:P

  2. wow, it's more than a year ago huh?? luckily you still have the photos to help you recall..

  3. nice open house CNY party at Catherine's.. and it's so nice of her to invite you over huh?? the food look great!!

  4. Haiyo, how many months ady? I got photos during my CNY too, but I didn't blog about it anymore.

  5. Catherine house having house warming during CNY? so happening with food and meet up with relatives and friends.

  6. Catherine prepared all the dishes? or catering service?

  7. A back dated post ya? Hehe.

    The dinner gathering seems so happening!

  8. Vincent

    hahaha.... One year plus liao, hehe...


    I only realise last night that i have not blog about it, hehe...

    Normally during CNY, would ask if it's convienent to go find her, hehe...


    One year plus liao, lol

    It's organise by, i also not sure who are they, lol... All are residents in the surrounding...

    The foods are catering service...


    Very long liao, lol...

    Very happening that day, hehe...

  9. Last year's CNY? You mean this year's eh? Last year would be so long ago. Oooo...big party!!!

  10. Lol..I hv loads of posts yet to post up. Some a few months old . Lol

  11. Wahhh, nice gathering with all the nice food....

  12. It doesn't matter as long as you can still recall what happened through those pictures. Great gathering.

  13. Suituapui

    Ya, last year, lol

    This year didn't manage to go over during CNY...

    Small Kucing

    Slowly upload, hehe...


    Yes, it is...

    The Yum List

    Too bad SG can't light this...


    I only realise on Mon that i didn't blog about this, hehe...

  14. 哗!新年到现在蛮久了哦,幸好你最后都整理好放上来了,记录下生活的点点滴滴才有意思。
    bukit indah 是在 大马Johor 吗?

  15. Wow!!! This is so long ago!!! And you still can remember it!!! Not bad!!! =]

  16. Ashley

    Yes, Bukit Indah is in Johor area...

    For me, if can, i like to be early so as i can walk walk look look see see, hehe...


    ya, very long time, hehe...

  17. I think better late than never. I enjoy looking at your photos of Johor because I have never been there.


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