Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meetup with Wenn at Changi Airport (25th May 2013)

Wenn transits her flight at Singapore Changi Airport for her trip to New Zealand.  As she's arriving from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 1544 hr and her flight to Christchurch is 1945 hr, we arrange to meet at Singapore Changi Airport.

At Changi Airport Terminal 2 checking out if the flight has arrive.

Actually we arrange to meet outside, but in the later part, Wenn called me informing me that the Immigration Officer won't allow her out as her transit flight is less than 5 hours.  Went to the Information Counter to check out and was told that there's an Intercom at Terminal 2 and quickly called Wenn to inform her about it.

Met up with Wenn and her Sister-in-Law at the Intercom Area at Terminal 2


  1. Luckily there is an intercom area where you could meet up with Wenn. Although it is only seeing each other through a see-thru barrier, it is good enough. :) So nice of you to go all the way to the airport to meet Wenn for just a short while.

  2. wah finally met Wenn ya :) so near and yet have not met her :p

  3. 原来还有这样的intercom area!@_@

  4. how nice!! wenn never misses any opportunity to meet up blogger friends huh?? :)

  5. nice photo!! and it's taken through the glass panel?? cos i kind of see reflections on the photo~~ :p

  6. So nice you can meet up with her...

  7. Wenn is such a nice blogger friend right? She loves meeting friends, hehe ;)

  8. Singapore airport is one of the best in the world!

  9. mun

    Ya, lucky, if not won't be able to meetup with her...

    At first i thought if Wenn able to come out, we can go makan or have coffee at the airport...

    Small Kucing

    Sure will have chance... Me waiting for chance to meet suituapui, kakaka....


    Ya, still have, but only at Terminal 2 as information provided by the information counter...


    She' inform me she's transiting in SG, so have chance to meetup with her, hehe...

    Yes, there's a glass panel...


    Oh yes, but too back she can't come out...


    Yes, yes!!!


    Yes, she is...

    The Yum List

    Thank you for your compliment... :)

  10. thanks..I was indeed very grateful that you took all the trouble to meet me. Here's wishing you everything nice. Greetings from Dunedin, NZ!

  11. Wenn

    Nice meeting you... We will meet again ya... :)

  12. Wenn

    We will surely meet again, hehe...


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