Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bee Hoon

Previous Sun, i was at LJ house and her tentant who is from Myanmar cook bee hoon, i got a taste of it and i like it.  Heard LJ mention that the bee hoon is from Myanmar.  As our supermarket do not sell bee hoon from Myanmar, i went to Peninsula Plaza to look for the bee hoon and found it.

This is the Myanmar Bee Hoon that i have bought (S$1.50 per packet)

Heard LJ mention that her tentant bought ready made seasoning, i did not know what seasoning she use, but the lady at the shop recommend the above broth (S$4.50 per packet).

The lady taught me to soak the bee hoon for 1/2 hour, then boil the bee hoon for 2 - 3 min, then rinse the bee hoon using cold water.

Oh dear, i forgot the last steps, see how careless i am.

This is the bee hoon that i get, but then, i could not get the taste of the bee hoon that i got to taste at LJ house.

I used hard boiled egg just as her tentant cook, only that i have tofu fish cake in the fridge, i only put it insde.


  1. Maybe different seasoning, different taste???

  2. Try and try again, You will get it right

  3. interesting!! never tried Myanmar beehoon before.. :)

  4. Read about this Myanmar noddles- its like curry? Must be delicious!

  5. 小影

    Maybe, ya, different taste also...

    Small Kucing

    I will try again...


    Before that, i never tried Myanmar beehoon before also...


    Good morning...

    I also do not know how to describe, but the way my friend tenant cook is very nice...

  6. Can you ask your friend's tenant for the recipe? If you use different seasoning then no matter how many times you try, it will taste different.

  7. mun

    I heard my friend mention her tenant parents ever send her foods from their country, if ask, hopefully can get in Singapore...

  8. Myamar? We only have Thai here. I love the Thai ones, better than those from China.

  9. suituapui

    I didn't know have Myanmar bee hoon, try my luck at Peninsula Plaza as that's the place where Myanmar people gather, found it...


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