Monday, January 4, 2016

Wake of Eric Chan

(1) On Monday morning, i received a sms from a friend that her hubby has passed away, i was shocked when i receive this news.  The couple was an old friend of me and i have known them for years.

(2) I went into the website to check the cremation timing and learnt that it's on 31st December 2015 at Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex Service Hall 3 at 4.30pm. 

I manage to talk to the wife that evening and understand what has happened.  The couple went to church on that Sunday morning, went for an sumptuous meal to celebrate their belated wedding anniversary.  They then went to racky the new downtown line and was in Newton Food Centre going to have their brunch on Sunday evening when the hubby collapse.  And some kind-hearted diners rub oil on him, help to call the ambulance.  The ambulance took him to the nearest hospital where the doctors did their best, but still he did not made it.

(3) I have bought tickets to the Zumba Fitness Party on 31st Dec 2015, so i can't make it as i have to attend the funeral which is at 4.30pm and the Zumba Fitness Party starts at 5pm.

(4) Since i only manage to talk to the wife on Monday evening and understand that the wake is in the void desk of their house.  I didn't go to the wake on Monday, but on Tuesday and i also went on Wednesday.

Catering of foods is on Tuesday and Wednesday

(5) Service is on Tuesday night and Wednesday night conducted by the Pastor of the church they are attending.


  1. Sorry to hear that, may your friend RIP.

  2. RIP for your friend. Take care

  3. Good Morning Queen of Zumba.

    I had a lump in my throat to read this sad post. The skies are gloomy now.

  4. As we all know that life is uncertain, death is always certain...

    So we need to spend our days in a happy and meaningful way.

    RIP to your friend. Take care of his wife since you know them well. I am sure you can offer her comfort in many ways.

  5. So sad. I feel very sorry for his wife.

  6. Sorry to hear that... Heart attack is a silent killer.. unexpectedly it can happen...

  7. So sad to hear about your friend Eric. Death is unpredictable. I am sure the wife, who is also your friend will be blessed by your comfort. Shalom.


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