Friday, January 9, 2015

Year 2014

How times flies, today is already the 9th of Jan.  A record of some events that has taken place during the year 2014.

It's saddening and shock to me when i receive news in the month of April that my Aunty passed away due to cancer at the age of 54, till now i still miss her.

This year, during May, i started my Zumba class as i have heard a lot about it and have wanted to sign up.

Had a gathering with my Primary School schoolmate whom we have not metup for a long time.

Made a trip a Kluang to meetup with a blogger friend from Banting who is in Kluang to celebrate her mother-in-law birthday for the 1st time.

My Zumba Instructor has been selected to be part of the Wushu Chingay which is taking place this year during Chinese New Year period and has been looking around for volunteers.  At first, i was hesitated as i'm afraid that i'm not committed to it and also will i make the wrong move due to nervous.  My Zumba kaki keeps telling me it's fun as she has take part in it before and keeps persuade me to sign up for it.  So next year Chingay will be my first time taking part in Chingay.

Under the invitation of my friend, i went to visit the cell group and since i have attending it for the past 1 month plus.


  1. Seem like you gain a lot of fun in your Zumba class ^o^
    I like Zumba too!

  2. Yeah, time flies.. 2015 now, just the beginning chapter, many more good things to come.. Gambateh :)

  3. Happy Friday Sharon,
    Go, go, go, do take part in the Zumba! We thank God for all the blessings throughout the year!

  4. aan eventful year sad got happy

  5. life's always full with ups and downs, but what keeps us moving on is being positive and stay happy (can be sad but cannot sad for long lah, hehe).. :)

  6. Wish you the best and enjoy preparing for the next year event in Chingay. I am sure it will be very interesting taking part in this event.

  7. May 2015 brings you more health and wealth Sharon.

  8. Upside down journey during 2014. May this new year will brings more joy and happiness. Happy New Year!!

  9. Grace

    Very fun with this groups of Zumba kakis...

    Me too like it, hehe...

    Princess Ribbon

    And soon Chinese New Year will be coming...

    Yes!!! Many more good things to come, yeah...


    Good afternoon TGIf...

    Yes, count the blessing... :)

    Small Kucing

    Yes, it is...


    U're right, agreed!!!


    I go ask Mama Kucing, if Kucing family going, can go together ya, hehe...


    Thank you, hehe... Oops, me blur liao, now 2015, me still in 2014, should be this year Chingay, hehe...


    Thank you Lina... :)


    Ya, there bound to be up and down in our life...

    Happy New Year!!!

  10. Fruitful year. You sure meet a lot of new friends along the way.

    To a better and wonderful 2015.

    P/s. If I drop by Johor this year I will let you know. Not going to Singapore any time soon although I do want to go. Need save more to go to Singapore ;)

  11. I like Zumba but I can't perform well...

  12. Wishing you a good year!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  13. Its good to see you invlove in zumba, i love zumba but have to stop now... Miss the class!

  14. Rose

    Yes, and i'm glad to have join this group of zumba class and the ladies there...

    Sure, do let me know if you drop by Johor...


    I also don't perform very well...


    Thank you for visiting my blog... You too have a good year ya...


    Me too loves zumba...

    Phong Hong

    haha... lol...

  15. Yea time flies.... getting older and older T.T

  16. 你的Zumba肯定是跳得很好了!

  17. Keep up the zumba workout, eat a lot an travel!!

  18. Vincent

    Still room for improvement...


    Thanks, i will keep it up... :)

  19. So interesting! I should blog about my 2014 too.

    Wah wah you are now Queen of Zumba. You dance so much until lost weight.

  20. Twilight Man

    Awaiting to see TM 2014 :)

    Hope so i can lose weight...


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