Monday, January 19, 2015

My cook

I was google-ing about luncheon meat and came across Suituapui 2012 post about Luncheon meat croquettes, so i decided to try it out as i'm a fan of luncheon meat.

Since i have a small can of luncheon meat, i mash up the luncheon meat and mixed it with mashed potato.  Mixed with bread crumb (agar agar).  I beat 1 egg and add in bit by bit as i'm worried if i add in the whole egg, it will be watery. After that, i deep fried it.

But as from the pictures, can see mine is a disaster.

Saw in FB Claire minced meat, ask her how she did it as what i did before, it did not turn out as expected. I added in tong cai & crabstick.

My anyhow cook soup, with chicken, potato & carrot

Tried out doing minced chicken, add in salted egg, guess i should have more water as it turns out harder than the minced meat.

Saw a friend post in FB about her chicken wing, ask her how she did it.  Actually, it so happen i bought a packet of mid-wing from the supermarket and thought of doing something else, after seeing my friend chicken wing, i change my mind and did this.  Add in sesame oil, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, some corn flour.  Season for few hours, after that, braised for about 20 ~ 25 mins using the electric lunch box i bought sometimes ago.


  1. I like steamed egg with mincee meat, must add water, my sister teach me one egg to 3 half sheels water.. So means if 3 eggs, you count about 9x half shell water lor..

  2. They look pretty good! Did I make that? Can't remember now. Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. wah!!! Sharon cooked such a nice meal for herself (and guests??) with so many delicious dishes I love!!! yum yum~~

  4. Princess Ribbon

    Thanks for the tips, didn't know about that as usually if i steamed egg, i agar agar the water, hehe...


    Yes, you did make that, hehe...


    I lazy to post one by one, so consolidate all the cooking into a post, hehe....

  5. Love the braised chicken wings. Healthier than fried.

    I also bought an electric lunch box. Used to cook porridge for Jamie. :)

  6. Wah, you do cooking! The chicken wings look nice hee..hee...

  7. Good Afternoon Zumba Queen!

    It is so hot hot hot today!

  8. You need a good cook book since you love to cook, bake and dance now!!!

  9. Sharon, I like the anyhow soup and braised chicken wings. Healthy and tasty meal.

  10. Rose

    Now i'm trying to control on fried item.. hehe...

    Phong Hong

    Still room to improvement...

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon TM... The weather here is so hot...

    I should sign up for TM cooking class should TM decided to open class...


    Thanks for the compliment... :)

  11. hahaha..Sharon good try!! Must in a bit of water to the meat before steaming.. and also soy sauce.. :) All the best!

  12. You're quite industrious cooking there. :)

  13. Claire

    I add in tong cai, so didn't add soy sauce, if not, will be very salty...


    I only cook when i have something in mind and have the mood, hehe...

  14. wow, you cook well too..keep it up

  15. All those nice home cooked dishes. Yummy.I love the luncheon meat and chicken wings!

  16. Good morning Sharon,
    Well done... simply delicious looking!

  17. Yee Ling

    Mine is cook whatever that comes into my mind, hehe...


    Good afternoon... Thanks for the compliment... :)

    Small Kucing

    Thanks for the compliment... :)

  18. I like the last one, the wing wing, but can't eat too much, hehe!!

  19. Chicken wings look good! I am sure it goes well with rice!

  20. 小影

    That why cook a bit only, hehe...


    But mine no presentation...


    Thanks for the compliment...

  21. 被chicken wings吸引到!^o^


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