Monday, August 4, 2014

Getai @ West Coast Car Mart (31st July 2014 ~ 农历七月初五)

As now is Lunar 7th Month, Getai in various part of Singapore every day.  This is the 2nd getai that i have watch.  The 1st getai that i watched, didn't take any pictures, only one picture taken with the host.

Date: 31st July 2014 ~  农历七月初五
Venue: 巴西班让旧汽车市场,无招牌歌台秀
Band: 神风
Host :  许琼芳&陈建彬

Host :  许琼芳&陈建彬

麦卉 is the 2nd singer, the first singer is 董仕强 which i didn't take, usually each singer will sing 3 songs, but when 麦卉 sang the 2nd song, her throat giving her problem, so the 2 hosts went up stage and "rescue" her in which i read from newspaper the next day that she called off the other 2 performance and went to see doctor.

 3rd singer is 丽影 who is from China and has married to Singapore

4th singer is 钟金玲 who's specialize in singing Hokkien Songs

5th singer is 林诗玲 who has starts singing at a young age

I like her clothes

6th singer is 林茹萍, who can speaks many languages

7th singer is 2Z姐妹, 2 sisters, the elder sister JiaXuan is 17 years old and the younger sister JiaWei, who is more outspoken is 16 years old.

8th singer is 孙强 who's also specialize in Hokkien Songs 

Next will be the two host and 张雄 promoting their new release album

After that, the singer is 妞妞,林晓婷, when i left, saw Sally Yeo arriving.


  1. Seems like the getai fever starts now! :)

  2. I dare not to watch all these >_< My mom told me that these shows are not for humans to watch when i was young LOL

  3. I saw these in FB, most of them your smile cannot see teeth la.. Oohh my chinese birthday is on the 14th day of the 7th mth..

  4. 星国比较流行这种七月歌台喔!

  5. Is it a singing competition? It's been awhile I haven't seen any live performance.

  6. Guess more and more live shows coming on...

  7. Ahhhhh!!!! Hungry Ghost here they all come! LOL!!! Do you sing and dance with them as well? No photos?

  8. Getai month . You sure happy ya.

    Singapore getai so happening. Like concert

  9. You seem to like this very much :)

  10. yeah, it's the 7th month of the lunar calendar.. so Sharon must be very busy this month watching Getai show everyday huh?? :)

  11. the performers are really very professional and passionate about their job.. just look at their costumes..

  12. Chris

    Especially certain days, too many getai in a day...


    I do not know about Penang, but over here, getai attracts more people than opera...

    Princess Ribbon

    haha... My teeth not nice lor...

    Advanced Happy Lunar Birthday to you...


    Think so...


    Nope, not a singing competition...

    As now Chinese Lunar 7th Month, they have those praying to the Hungry Ghost, and some they will engage Getai when there's singers to sing...


    If i got take pictures, hehe...


    The singers will sing lor, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    KL, i not sure, what i understand, Penang also have getai...

    Phong Hong

    Hear songs, hehe...


    Not everyday, depend on places and host, hehe...

    Ya, every year during Lunar 7th Month, they will wear new clothes...

  13. You love to watch getai? Need to run all over the island for some good performances :D

  14. Oh, no more Johor adventures? By the way, what is getai? I am "jakun" in this.. (princess, I am using your word again!)

  15. The getai fever is on eh? ;)

  16. the getai festival. No wonder I start seeing lot of place having the stage set up.

  17. So it's the getai season!
    I don't really watch it, but my late grandma, she loves getai.

  18. East Coast Life

    Depend on the place and also who's the host...


    Yes, have, not not finish posting yet...

    As now is 7th month, most places will have praying session and some they will engage getai (performance where there's singers perform singing in the stage with live band)...


    Yes, now is Chinese Lunar 7th Month...

    Yee Ling

    Ya lor...


    I watch depend on places and who's the host... :)

  19. When I were small those stage show next to temple always intrigued me but I never been to one. I remember some are in those old Chinese opera costume. Not so much on singing.

    Nowaday it has become a culture.

  20. Rose

    Nowadays, opera not much people watching whereby getai always draw crowds...

  21. Ah, it is the getai season. Hope to see many photos this year just like last year! :D

  22. 又来到了歌台热的时候了!嘿嘿~

  23. Mun

    Good afternoon... Have a great day ahead ya...


    Ya lor, hehe...


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