Monday, August 25, 2014

Getai @ Blk 5070 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 (23th Aug 2014)

This getai starts from afternoon 3pm ~ 7pm, night getai starts from 7.30pm, host is 吕伟伦/皓皓/李宝恩, only watch a while for the night session as the place is quite far from my house.

Date: 23rd Aug 2014 ~  农历七月二八
Venue :Blk 5070 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 (3pm ~ 7pm) ,(划越娱乐制作,情深舞台秀 - 云阴殿为朴习中心筹款歌台秀)
Band: 时代大乐队
Host :  吕伟伦/张雄/罗翊绮 

Can't recall what's the name of the 1st singer as he's a newcomer

Host : 张雄/罗翊绮/吕伟伦

2nd Singer 天悦

3rd Singer 廖文凯 , a Secondary 2 student

4th Singer 张文伟

5th Singer 婷婷

6th Singer Mavis Tan

7th Singer 许琼芳

8th Singer 戴添保

9th Singer 阿伦

10th Singer 陈伟祥

Reporters from 新明

11th Singer 丽影

12th Singer Jessie Tan

13th Singer Chloe Lim

14th Singer 朱莉莉

15th Singer 李佩芬

16th Singer 黄碧华

17th Singer 李宝恩

18th Singer 陈凯晴

19th Singer 林姿逸

20th Singer 闪亮姐妹

21st Singer 黄惠枚

22nd Singer 刘丽芝

Last Singer for the afternoon session 杜恩惠

Free beehoon was provided, but i think they didn't soak the beehoon long enough as the beehoon was a bit harden.


  1. eh i thought Getai only at night. Unexpected that it have afternoon session too

  2. Momoco

    So i can refer back, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    Mostly at night, hardly have in the afternoon...


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