Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Singapore Turf Club (20th April 2013)

This is the 2nd time that i went to the Turf Club, not to bet on horses, which i do not know how to bet, but to watch getai.  The first time i went there to watch was last year on 29th Dec. That time admission to the Turf Club is $5 if pay by EZ Card/Cash Card, $6 if pay by cash. But  to watch the getai is free and admission is only after 5.30pm and those with kids under 12 will only be admitted after 6pm as Horse Racing ends at 6.15pm (That's what i heard when i went there the first time last year). 

This round, i reached at around 5.20pm, getai starts at 7pm,  and was told that can go in already.  And i can also go loitering around the place to look see look see.

Sign outside indicating directions

Sign directing people where to go for the getai


There's a food court there

Was curious how come never see any horses, went to ask the staff, was told that day it's Malaysia horses, so can only watch the horses on the TV provided there.  Singapore horses run on Friday and Sunday.

The building

Stage in preparation for the getai


  1. Wow, first time heard about a place like this!!! =]

  2. Good Morning,
    I have never been inside a race course before.

  3. Never been to a turf club before, we have one here at Penang, nearest to me, hehe...

  4. Oh dear, am not showing hubby THIS post. He loves the Turf Club (and I don't). Will keep returning to see what yummy spots you've found in Singapore though as will be down there again in July. :-)

  5. have been to one before but it was to have lunch :p

  6. 在赛马场里面举行哟!还真的很特别呢!

  7. i have not been to a turf club before too.. it looks interesting inside, and you got to see it for free~~ :)

  8. 小影

    Pass by when take MRT but didn't go in as i don't bet on horses, kaka...


    Good evening...

    I also never went in till they held getai there...


    Just curious how is Penang Turf Club, hehe...

    The Yum List

    Thanks for visiting my blog... :)

    Welcome to visit my blog... :)

    Small Kucing

    Oh ic...


    They held it last year, the response was good, so they held it again this year, hehe...


    Ya, if u ask me to pay to go in, i won't as i do not bet on horses, keke...

  9. wow~ can't imagine
    getai in turf club!!!

  10. Sonia

    U're welcome...


    I didn't expect it too when they have it last year, hehe...

  11. Dunno exactly where that is. Anywhere near Race Course Road? Taximan told me in the late 70's, lots of Ah Kua lived there.

  12. They used to be at Bukit Timah area but have shifted to Kranji which is next to Kranji MRT station...

  13. I have to look up the word getai. Have not heard of it before.


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