Thursday, April 18, 2013

Botanic Gardens (7th April 2013)

Pictures taken while 晨运 @ Botanic Gardens.

Having gone to Botanic Gardens for times, but didn't notice about this Healing Garden.  First time went into this Healing Garden.

[Respiratory and Circulatory System] Guduchi ~ Native to India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.  It is used in Ayurvedic and Jamu medicine to prevent liver toxicity.  Tea made from boiling the stems is used to treat gonorrhea, fevers and stomachaches.  The whole plant is used to treat diabetes and hypertension.


[Respiratory and Circulatory Systems] Castor ~ Native to India.  It is traditionally used to treat abdominal discomfort and constipation.  It is also used to treat fevers, bronchitis, coughs and skin diseases.


[Respiratory and Circulatory Systems] Loquat ~ Native to Southeastern China.  It is traditionally used as an expectorant, and to treat digestive and respiratory problems.  Loquat syrup is also taken to soothe sore throat.


[Respiratory and Circulatory Systems] Devil's trumpet ~ Native to India.  The leaves are used in traditional medicine to treat bronchitis, asthma, chronic pain, seizures and coma.  It is also used as an anesthetic.


[Digestive and Related Systems] Mugwort ~ Native to temperate Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and Alaska.  Traditionally used to eradicate intestinal worms, treat cardiac complaints and improve menstruation.


[Muscles, Skeleton, Skin and Nervous Systems] Cotton Rosemallow ~ Native to Southern China.  Traditionally, the leaves and flowers are used to treat swellings and skin infections.  Mucilage extracted from the leaves and flowers are used to ease childbirth.


[Muscles, Skeleton, Skin and Nervous Systems] Lettuce Tree ~ Native to Madagascar, Polynesia, India and Malaya.  Traditionally, young leaves are taken to treat arthritis and rheumatism, and regulate blood sugar.


[Reproductive System] Sugar Cane ~ Native to SE Asia.  It is traditionally used to shrink fibroids.  Cane juice is used to treat respiratory problems, wounds and ulcers.


[Digestive and Related Systems] Job's tears ~ Native to East Asia.  Used traditionally to treat urinary problems, menstrual disorders and as a general tonic.


[Head, Neck, Ear, Nose and Throat] Sacred Basil ~ Native to Old World Tropics and widespread as a cultivated plant.  Traditionally used to treat poisonings, malaria, colds, stomach disorders, heart alments and inflammations.

Path that link to the Healing Garden


  1. Mugwort looks like our kacang ma - we use to cook kacangma chicken with lots of traditional Chinese white wine for ladies in confinement to eat.

  2. Wow, just love those flowers!!! =]

  3. interesting plants, fruits and flowers!! there is just so much to see in the Botanic Garden huh??

  4. 这样可以趁机认识多一点草药呢!

  5. Thanks for sharing, learn something new..

  6. suituapui

    Thanks for sharing... :)


    Me too!!!


    Didn't know about this place till pass by this place...


    Ya lor... :)


    Me too... :)

  7. Very educational post complete with nice close up photos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Mun

    First time enter this Healing Garden, hehe....

  9. I love the name of heling garden. actually there are a lot of plants with healing power which we dont know

  10. Those flowers are so nice!

    Sometimes looking at flowers can helps relaxing our mind, you agree? ;)

  11. will botanic garden nearby simei? I wish to visit there next time~~~

  12. Small Kucing

    From there, i got to learn some new things... :)


    I do agree very much, hehe...


    Nope, there's an entrance by Circle Line, Botanic Gardens, which is at Bukit Timah Road...

    Another entrance is Tanglin Gate which is not very far away from Orchard Road, and opposite Gleneagles Hospital...


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